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Monday, October 20, 2014


October 20, 2014

Two pieces of information on this subject came to me via Internet today--one through a friend who reported that demonic spirits had been successfully removed from an out-of-state woman/man we both know. Turns out that the person had engaged in the dark arts and made agreements in other lives, and that was the cause of the possession, occupation, and use of her/his person.

And then I read the issue of CoastZone (ezine of www.coasttocoastam.com) I found in the in-box of one of my email accounts reporting on a program with James Long as the featured guest who reported on his many years of experiences as an exorcist. According to Long, there are four stages of demonic contact.  Demonic infestation is when evil takes root within the home and there are poltergeist type activities and putrid smells.  Demonic oppression is when the spirits physically attack people [sometimes more obvious than other times].  Demonic obsession is when the spirits go after the consciousness/mind of their victims with the goal of convincing them they are going crazy.  Demonic possession is where a spirit or spirits enter the body of a person; they can enter and leave the body at will or stay and take control. As I’ve reported heretofore in previous articles, there can be partial takeovers or, for all practical purposes, total takeovers. James Long says when the takeover is so complete that the demonic spirit won’t allow the victim to eat or drink, there is a high probability of death.

Demons can be sent by people who engage in the dark arts and target other persons or places for various reasons. Unfortunately for the senders, what they send to others eventually comes back to them—either in the same life or in other lives (as evidenced by the first news reported above). When one makes “deals with the devil” (through rituals, oaths, etc.), one is asking for big time trouble.  Once engaged with demonic spirits as the perpetrator of dark deeds, it can be very difficult to disengage—even after one truly repents. Demonic spirits can also be attracted to a person’s “dark mind” and act on the person’s dark thoughts about others and go violate the others without the “dark mind” formally sending them.  If this continues for a long enough period of time, the person to whom the demonics have attached themselves will have a tough time getting free of the attachments.

I made a spread sheet of people on the current list and several others to get a more clear view of how people can have demonic spirits in their spaces. One column is the names, and the other four columns are infestation, oppression, obsession, and possession.  In each column I recorded the percentage (again, because there are degrees of things).  Most people had a zero in all four columns or very small numbers in one or more (the latter not being uncommon). A couple had substantial numbers in all four columns.  Found one person who is majorly afflicted and oppressed but much less possessed.  Found another who is very much possessed but has zeros in the other columns. The most important point I want to make here is that nothing is “either-or,” nothing is100% “he is or he isn’t,” nothing is 100% “she isn’t or she is.” This is not“new news” to me, of course, because I’ve been out of denial that demons and evil spirits exist and are engaged with people for 20 to 25 years now.  There is to be less making assumptions and jumping to conclusions when one senses demonic spirits with another person (in one way or another), for they usually are oppressing spirits targeting the person and not possessing spirits. There is to be more compassion and less judgment—especially in cases where a person is actually possessed to some degree (while at the same time making one’s own wellbeing top priority).

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