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Tuesday, October 07, 2014


October 7, 2014

This universe, this galaxy, this planet is teeming with life—much of which cannot be seen by the 3D eyes of humanity.  There are many beings willing to come to the assistance of 3D humans—some specifically assigned the job (commonly called angels).  In order to receive assistance, it is usually necessary to ask for it.

The prayer requests suggested here are quite basic and cover a lot of territory.  We recommend them on a daily basis in the beginning, and then several times a month. Perhaps the reader may not sense that there is any need for renewing and restoring the integrity of one’s person.  Nevertheless, we suggest praying/asking for assistance as below for a few months in the beginning and then every so often for maintenance.  Doing so can greatly enhance one’s life. Many things are hidden at various levels and don’t reveal themselves until they are brought up for clearing.

First, state aloud three times—clearly and firmly:  "I Am [name] of [city, state, and country], clarion call, universal all call.”   (Personally, I insert “in the name of Christ” before my prayers.)  The prayer format is as follows:   “I [name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for ________--on a full and permanent basis now.”  Fill in the blank with each of these—one at a time.

            --the renewing and restoring of the integrity of my consciousness, my oversoul connection, my higher self connection, and my connection with Creator Source and the sealing of same—

             --the renewing and restoring of the integrity of my soul seat, my soul cord, my soul cord pathway, and my central vertical channel and the sealing of same—

             --the renewing and restoring of the integrity of my energy centers/chakras, my auric field, my energy bodies, my circuitry, and my merkaba/light body and the sealing of same—

            --the renewing and restoring of the integrity of my pineal gland, my etheric template and my physical body and the sealing of same--

            --the deactivating, disabling, deleting, disengaging, dismantling, and destroying of all cords and connections, homing devices, implants, imprints, programs, encodements, templates, signs, seals, and emblems that have been supporting the oppressing, manipulating, violating, abusing, and invading of my person; the recalibrating and reconfiguring of  my DNA as necessary to terminate the access of the perpetrators; the banishing of the perpetrators from my person into the light of the galactic core; and the repairing of all damage done by the perpetrators to my person and the healing of all wounds—

Allow time—hours, days, or even weeks for the work to be completed.  These prayer requests do not serve as “magic wands.”

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