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Monday, October 27, 2014


October 27, 2014
First posted the words below on June 1, 2005 in an article titled “The Power of the Name.”

The other day I was walking in a room where an animated action program was on television, and I overheard a character yell, "Don't say her name! She gains power when you say her name!" One finds truth in all sorts of places!

Angel-Light is my true name (no last name, no middle name). As soon as my name was revealed to me (about 1990), I changed in every sense but the legal (out of my budget at the time). Ten years later, I acted as my own attorney and changed the name legally, adding the last name because society expects one to have a last name.

Angel-Light is my name and how I prefer to be called. I feel uplifted when I hear my name called. People sometimes shorten my name to "Angel," and I don't complain, although it's not my name, and I don't feel the joy in the name "Angel" as I do when I'm called "Angel-Light."

Angel-Light has only three syllables, and it is not a "mouthful." I feel good when people say my name--strengthened, empowered. The more people say my name, the better. Do you identify with or resonate to your name? If not, why not change it?
If you want to know the numerological vibration of your current name or possible new name (and the nuances), we are available.
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