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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


October 15, 2014

Facebook Update of a Female Metaphysical Teacher/Healer: “Working on three hours of sleep and one cup of coffee after a vicious psychic attack last night. Guess I stepped on the wrong toes again. Let me find out what it was and try stepping a little harder this time. No guts ... no glory.”

A Message Comment through Another Person:  “Put on your armor, gird your loins (whatever the heck that means) and step into battle with love going with you!”

Angel-Light Comment: I have been attacked for assisting people--by the entities violating and abusing the person.  Even before I began the deliverance aspect of my work, when I was doing some old-fashioned praying for a cosmic man about 1990, I experienced a vicious attack—the worst nightmares I have ever experienced, with message loud and clear. Totally unexpected!  I got the message and stopped praying for the man. However, I rarely if ever back off from assisting someone who has requested it anymore. I take the punches, so to speak. No attacks have been as vicious as that time I prayed for the cosmic man (although one or two have come close over the years).  He is definitely someone important. An elder teacher told me back in those days that he is a general in Archangel Michael's army.  It was probably through him that I was activated (although I was already awake to my mission).

I smiled when I read the “gird your loins” comment because I have received it myself from time to time—most recently several weeks ago.  Do women have loins to gird up? LOL!  It was just meant symbolically, of course.

Many years ago a person said self-righteously, “If you are really doing God’s work, you’ll be protected.”  Really?  Does any informed person who has followed news events for years really believe that? 

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