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Friday, October 24, 2014


October 24, 2014

Question Received:  Ok, here is my question of the day for you!  How do you receive your information primarily? I know you have talked about your mind screen before. Do you mainly get visuals as in internal stills or movie playing? Or do you have clairaudience or clairsentience as your primary receivers or a combo of all of them?

Response:  I wrote a blog with this info at some point in the last year, if I remember correctly.  I'm 80% claircognizant (which means knowing), 75% intuitive, 65% telepathic, 65% clairsentient (feeling), 55% clairaudient (hearing), 45% clairvoyant (seeing), and 25% psychic (which means reading of mindstreams).  Some people who call themselves psychics and give readings don't read mindstreams but use other gifts/abilities, which is fine, because the word "psychic" has come to have an overall inclusive definition. I tend to gather info by a combination of skills/gifts, although one can be more in use in a particular case.

In general, I get info primarily internally, through my knowing. How do I explain that?  I just know--because of knowledge gleaned in other experiences and my programs which contain general information, I assume.  When I ask, I ask myself (higher self and Divine I Am presence--which is also internal). Also multiple facets of the soul are involved in obtaining and putting together information.   Response can be in words in mind or words on mind screen or pictures or even slide shows.  I also go into the records of myself or others to get info.  Also, when gathering info on people for the ministry, I interact with the Angel-Light Team about info in general and status and how to proceed, etc. Of course, I am a part of the Angel-Light Team. I use a dowser to measure the intensity of energies and will sometimes use it to verify what I sense (info) when I'm not 100% clear on something.  My own higher self controls the dowser, of course.

I do receive direct downloads of information from my supervisors. In the first ten or so years after I awoke in this body on mission, I would often notice sheets (like pages) of golden light with symbols coming into my consciousness.  

I've had these gifts/abilities/programs since I came into this body.  The body's genetics have a "predisposition" toward same--possibly because of the strong Celtic influences and some Romano (gypsy) lives in the last few centuries.

Response from Questioner:  Perfect. It is interesting to me how intuitives receive their information, especially those who have developed and use their gifts. Of course we all have gifts to a certain degree, but many of us choose—consciously or not—to ignore or downplay them. If we all tried to cultivate these gifts to the best of our abilities, wouldn’t THAT be interesting to see. I wonder what our world would look like then? . . . I know I have some abilities but do I do much about it? No. Am I always thinking I should do something about it? Yes—especially when the visions and voices come, but usually it is just the knowing, the faint whisper from the depths of consciousness, the whisp of an idea, the subtle nudge that tells me this is something more than background noise. . . .

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