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Friday, November 07, 2014


November 7, 2014

I’ve been reading and scanning (for the third or fourth time since its purchase) Dr. Michael Newton’s second book “Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives,” published in the year 2000.  His first book, "Journey of Souls," published in 1996, and his third book, published in 2004, “Life Between Lives,” are also on my bookshelves.  And thanks to a supporter’s recent donation, his 2009 book, “Memories of the Afterlife,” has been shipped and will arrive soon. I so enjoy reading case studies!  I do realize, however, that Dr. Newton hasn’t gained some knowledge about souls that other researchers have shared (unless his latest book proves otherwise to me).  This is not to criticize the work of Dr. Newton in any way. If I were critical and invalidating, I wouldn’t have read each of his books in my possession several times and would not be recommending them to others.  (An aside: Dr. Newton told a close friend of mine I had referred after he had published his first book that there would not be another because he had learned all there was to learn.  I laughed and told my friend  that there would be another book—if not more.)  

It’s just that various researchers/healing facilitators specialize in different areas and attract people who will validate and enhance their knowledge. People/souls with different issues or curiosities are guided by their Divine Support Teams to different healing facilitators/researchers.  For example, in the past five years or so, more people in need of deliverance from various types of influences have contacted me for assistance than ever before.  We don’t accept all such cases and have had to scale back that aspect of our ministry this year somewhat because of the “wear and tear” and challenges causing stress.

In Chapter 2 of “Destiny of Souls,” titled, “Death, Grief, and Comfort,” Dr. Newton shares about angel-like souls, and reporting that these regularly come to Earth between lives to help people they don’t know who are in distress. One of his clients, a healer in training, said to Dr. Newton (when under hypnosis):  “My guide and I assisted a boy in India who was drowning and consumed by fear. His parents pulled him from the river and were trying to resuscitate him, but he was not responding well. I placed my hands on his head to quiet his fear, sent a spike of energy into his heart to bring warmth into his body, and superimposed his essence with mine for a moment to help him cough up the water and start breathing again. We were able to help a total of twenty-four people on that trip to Earth.”

All souls have had/are having embodiments in forms other than human—on earth and/or elsewhere.  Generally, the more experience the soul has in various types of bodies with different types of lives, the better for the soul’s evolution.  Some have had lives and experiences as angels (as described above).  There seem to be two main “schools of thought” about soul design (and there is some overlap). I tend to agree that a soul can divide and send facets/extensions out to experience. This accounts for parallel lives.  And the memories of each soul facet/extension are available for the other soul facets/extensions because they are all part of the one soul.  Others consider this to be the oversoul and the individual facets/extensions individual souls, and the souls are part of a cluster.  Two or more of the facets of the same soul can and often do extend into the same body. I have found through many years of doing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis that this is more common than not.  A number of the facets can unite in one body in preparation for ascension and returning to the body of the soul. Put another way, the souls unite in preparation for returning to the oversoul. So when I report that I have a memory of an experience, it means that one or more of our oversoul/soul group had the experience.

Let’s get back to the subject of this article, “Angels in Training.”  I have a memory of being an angel in training which happened, it seemed, when I was in an altered state of consciousness this lifetime.  I was one of three angels. There were three scenarios presented to me.  We were not to intervene in one, and the reason why was provided me.  I remembered the two cases in which we intervened for many years, but now only remember one.  We waited outside the door to an apartment or motel room with a stairwell in front of the door (so it seemed like a motel property) at nighttime. Out came two men with guns pushing and leading a man wearing a blindfold with his hands bound behind him.  We intervened on behalf of the man. In both instances where we intervened, I was told why we were going to do so.

During the “traveling angel” years, several angel souls were “in body” almost constantly.  However, since the “traveling angel” lifestyle ended (in 2009), there has not been a need for continuous presence, and we are often engaged elsewhere.

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