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Saturday, November 01, 2014


November 1, 2014

For many years, I have been aware of claims that “all the world’s a stage.”  My cosmic associates of other levels have referred to this 3D level of existence as a “field of play” (as in chess game).   I have also been aware of claims that this 3D world is part of a planetary experiment—set up by “the founders” who established a hands-off policy.  Unfortunately, interplanetary rogues didn’t abide by that policy and interfered. Thus, we have a laboratory-type experiment gone awry. In recent years, I have tended to hold the latter view more than the former.

The October 31, 2014 blog article of Carla Fox (Healing Facilitator) is titled “A Matter of Balance.” Here are some excerpts: “We have all chosen to experience this 4th dimensional earthly arena as the next step in our soul’s journey to completion.  A plan was formulated before we got here to create the ideal situations for our growth and experience. . . . [Insert: So it could be considered a school of sorts.]  I am not saying that this journey has been easy by any means.  It has been quite challenging . . . . Contracts and agreements were made with the dark forces . . ., service-to-self beings, etc. to play a specific role in this experience.  It is one big stage play with writers, directors, actors, stage hands, costumers, and makeup artists.  There are heroes and villains, the downtrodden and the uplifted.  At the end, everyone comes out to take a bow.  This would be the equivalent of our completion or graduation.  Nice, if it were really happening that way.  I am seeing more and more that the negative polarity beings of our drama, whoever they may be, have taken over the show.   Through their greedy ego natures that desire power, we have been increasingly stuck in a world of lack and limitation, domination and control.  The whole stage play has been tipped way out of balance. . . .  As I looked closer, I realized that these were all of the contracts that were agreed to by all parties involved at the beginning of this grand experience.  Keep in mind that the part that the above negative forces was to play was to challenge and push us so that we could flex our energetic muscles and grow.  Instead, these forces have negated their contracts by vying to become our masters.  This has hindered our evolution and slowed the whole process down for everyone.  This creation has gotten way out of balance as a result. . . . All of the above revelations have given me something to chew on this week, and I am sure that the chewing will go on for some time to come.  More revelations will be revealed, too.  In my healing practice, I will still be addressing the dark/synthetic/ET [Insert: negative ET] energies that are bothering my clients, as, even though they are in some way fulfilling their contracts, they have gone too far out of balance to provide my clients with the agreed upon growth opportunities.” [Insert: And so will the Angel-Light Team.]

So it seems that Carla Fox holds the “all the world’s a stage” viewpoint—but with a caveat: Team Dark has majorly overstepped its bounds.  As a Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator dealing with Team Dark on a daily basis, I resonate with Carla’s point of view. Maybe life here at this level of existence is not one or the other scenarios but both.  Read the complete article at http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com. While you’re there, take the time to check out the many informative, thought-provoking articles on site.

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