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Saturday, November 08, 2014


November 8, 2014

A few days ago, I visited privately with a social worker type of person.  During that time, I felt something(s) jump onto me that obviously came from her.  When I was alone later, I checked and found that two “spirits” that had been attached to this person were now attached to me. They had been attracted by the soulkeeper energy signature in my auric field or wouldn’t have transferred to me.  When I referred to the person they had been with by first name, one of them corrected me with “Miss. ______.”   I also found three other “spirits” that were attached to me. One of these had been saying a name to me during the last couple weeks.

It was not of concern to me whether these were “earthbound spirits” or fragments/facets  of souls or consciousness units or energy entities that had become lost or disconnected from their source in some way.  It was my responsibility to facilitate their release and removal into the light of “heavenly home” where they would be processed and the particular needs of each would be met—whether reunion with soul bodies or  human body-mind units where they had been assigned or something else.

And I did so.  It always feels wonderful to release “spirits” from myself and from others.

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