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Saturday, December 27, 2014


December 27, 2014

Young children are often able to see what their parents cannot. Recently, I walked up to a grocery store at about the same time as a mother with her child of about age 3 (in the buggy seat), with me several feet behind them. The child saw me and exclaimed while staring, “Mommy, mommy, the angels are coming!”  Mommy denied it. When the child  leaned around the mother to look at me again, I waved. The child saw the angels. It isn’t the first time this has happened in our 25 or so years of ministering and, hopefully, it won’t be the last.

I shared this on Facebook, and a reader commented that years ago whenever she was changing the diaper of her baby nephew, he would look in the space around her head and coo at the angels. This commenter is a very high vibration being of loving heart and also service-oriented.  I have photos taken of my first grandson, now 27 years of age, doing the same thing when I stood in front and above him to take photos, change his diaper, etc.  A relative noticed it and commented, “He’s seeing the angels around her.”

Young children have been attracted to this person many times over the years in public, and some seemed to have been looking around the body in awe and/or smiling.  This happens mostly when the heart is radiating a lot of love energy.  You see, high vibration angels of a certain genre are more comfortable where there is love. And when one or more of the angels are in-body, the love is strong, and I feel what I call my “angel self” which is “normal.”  It has been difficult for sensitive angels to be in-body for ten years or so now, for reasons that won’t be discussed here.  Hopefully, we have succeeded in making this human person a safe and comfortable place to be. Or perhaps it is just grace afforded us during this special time of year.  

Angels have shown up in the homes of people who were new to the ministry over the years—people who normally don’t see angels.  I know because it has been reported to me. One even reported that when he gasped and felt a second of fear, they reassured him and told him they were from Angel-Light and checking him out in advance of his healing session.  These are angels of healing and sometimes warrior angels. Reports abound in the literature of warrior angels and rescue angels coming to the assistance of people who either see them clearly or get a glimpse of them. They make for some uplifting and inspirational reading.

Just soul-sharing here.

P.S.  The human body consists of several layers, beginning with the physical body that is visible. It includes several layers of energy bodies, invisible to most people, which interpenetrate the physical body and usually extend out beyond the physical body from 3' to 6'. These energy bodies are called the auric egg and the auric field.  We have written about the light energy bodies many times on this site.

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