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Sunday, December 07, 2014


December 7, 2014

I’m going to go out on a limb here and share some about this subject—something I have mostly avoided doing so on this site in years past (just planting seeds of awakening here and there). There is a wealth of information available on the Internet and in books and publications—some negative, some positive, some objective, some subjective. And I recommend being objective when reading anything on the subject.

Many times, when people seeking assistance send me a photo (attached to emails), I can recognize if there is a major ET presence in that human body-mind unit.  Such was the case with someone we’ve been assisting for several weeks, and it was verified by our Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  He/She is currently undergoing our Divine Reconnective Healing Process (DRH Process) with extra focus on addressing the causes of numerous unusual allergies that manifested just a few years ago. I'm of the opinion that these allergies are due to an incompatible ET who jumped into the body (and, based on information provided, have probably isolated when it happened)--not necessarily a bad or negative ET, but just an incompatible ET. Some people disagree with me, but my philosophy is that only what is harmful/detrimental is to be processed during spiritual and metaphysical healing--not what isn't negatively impacting an individual.  In my opinion, none of us know enough to make an across-the-board assessment that all ETs (or any other life form, for that matter) are harmful to human bodies and should be disengaged.  There are many, many people who share my opinion that most all souls have lived in various forms across the galaxy or even universe.  Some even firmly claim, "We are them" (the ETs).  I tend to agree. When we take into consideration that an Oversoul can extend itself into several bodies (humanoids on this planet and other life forms elsewhere) at the same time, we can better understand that we have probably lived in nonhuman form many times.  And when we consider the multidimensionality of souls and parallel universes, the possibilities are endless. We have found souls living in up to four bodies just on earth concurrently (as have a large number of other researchers and healing facilitators).

I subscribe to the blogs of “cosmic healing facilitator” Carla Fox ( http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com ). The most recent, of December 6, 2014, is titled “Artificial Intelligence,” and Carla references her January 12, 2014 blog titled “A New ET Race” and her July 4, 2014 blog titled “The Mind Entity” during this most recent sharing.  I want to share a few excerpts from the three articles and recommend further reading on Carla’s site.  As your read, bear in mind that Carla is a healing facilitator and reports what she finds, which tends to be about detrimental influences.

Carla:  “I will know if a client has a strong genetic ET lineage if they have energetic implants in their head.  This predisposition is inherited from mom or dad.  I am mainly talking about the predatory or “negative” ET’s here.  We all have some ET genetics, but in those who have a stronger lineage, it can be a real problem.”

Carla: “. . .   It [an ET] also said that it is much easier to get into a human body now since many more of us are “cracked”; in other words, our Luminous Energy Fields are not intact and whole.”

Carla:  “What does one do about this predicament that we are in? . . . You can make a strong daily intent to pull back to yourself all of your aspects that   may be stuck in realities such as these. [Angel-Light Note: Use the term “alternate realities.”]  You do not have to know exactly where they are stuck.  Just demand that they return to you.  Stay grounded and in your body at all times.  Remember that what is happening to your stuck aspect in other realities is affecting you right now.  That may give you a clue as to a specific intent for pulling those parts of yourself back to yourself.”

Carla:  “We have recently thought that the AI [Artificial Intelligence] would mainly be involved with our electronic devices such as smart phones, computers and the internet, etc.  Also, the microchips that are already being put into our pets and some military personnel for tracking purposes.  It is easy to think of these things as actual objects that we could minimize our interaction with or refuse having installed into our bodies.  Easy, right?  What if the real way that we would be under the influence of the AI would be through mutations to our DNA?  And if so, how would these mutations be created?  I can also see how masses of people could be controlled if they were united in an electrical grid that was generated by their DNA.  An impulse could go out and all would receive it at the same time. . . .”

If the subject of extraterrestrial influences is of interest to you, I recommend going to the blog site of Carla Fox ( http://thecarlafoxblog.com ) and reading more.

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