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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


December 17, 2014

A supporter wrote earlier this month:  I enjoyed “Destiny of Souls” [by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D.], but I struggled with the chapter titled "The Ring of Destiny."  The report that we can review choices for our next lives is difficult to believe. In general terms, the idea of presetting the next life is believable, but to be able to preview key aspects of a future life is difficult to take on board, especially a pre-agreed death at a specific pre-agreed time. How can that be? Whatever happened to free will? Or that the timing was simply out of sync? That level/degree of control over a person's future is rather worrying. That means that everything critical that we are doing, even today in this life, is pre-ordained. Where does correct conduct or free will, or circumstance, etc. fit into this? Is this how we learn? I still struggle with the idea of pre-agreeing to a horrific set of circumstances that we endure to learn. But I guess any advanced soul would have to endured horrific deaths, war zones, poverty and hardship, diseased bodies, horrific illnesses, death of loved ones, jealousy, envy, greed, etc. to have reached the requisite level of understanding about conduct.  Having said all that, calm seas don't produce a good sailor. And you are correct: The two books of Dr. Newton you recommended [“Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”]  are definitely insightful and open awareness of the world beyond the physical body. For that insight, the books are a serious addition to the concept of breaking down people's ridicule of the spirit world, and to changing people's behaviors.  I didn’t find "Destiny of Souls" as compelling as "Journey of Souls," but it is still very readable. The detail and topics were sometimes a bit too much, even for me, and I am fascinated by the whole subject of past lives, whether in physical or spirit form.

Here is our response about free will (and many other teachers share the same and similar information):  We have a plan and goals for a particular life and have some freedom of choice after we incarnate, and there can be outside interferences that can throw us off-plan.  I tell people it's like an old-fashioned outline for a paper or book that school children used to be taught to create before they began writing, and that people working on degrees often used.  The Roman numerals of our life plan would be first level and not subject to free will.  The capital letters would be second level, and probably not subject to free will, but possibly.  The Arabic numbers would be third level and probably allow for some free will.  Fourth level with the lower case letters left a lot of room for choice/free will.

For this article:  Based on the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis that we have provided many people over the last decade, and pursuant to information provided by my Team, most humans have about 45% free will. Rarely have we found anyone with 35% free will, but we have found a very few with 40% free will.  Can’t recall finding anyone with 55% free will, but we have found a very few with 50% free will.

Teachings about sovereignty and free will became more common on the Internet a year or two ago.  Earlier this year, I decided to see if I could increase my free will from 45% and succeeded increasing it to 55%, which is where it stands today.  One of the main teachers recommending  that we take back our free will (from the controllers who have been oppressing humanity, according to him/her and some others) is quite a cosmic, unique individual.  He/She professed to have 100% free will. I consulted with my Team, and found that was the case.

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