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Monday, December 08, 2014


December 8, 2014
During meditation this afternoon, I asked my Divine to show me what I most need to know.  I ask in this manner this on a weekly basis.  Immediately I was reminded of what I saw on my mind screen as I was awakening this morning:  a warning in big red capital letters about fire implants.  Fire implants? I’d never heard of such a thing!  However, I’m open to learning, and it was revealed to me that there were 5 fire implants in this apartment and twelve in this entire apartment community.  We (the Angel-Light Team) began work on eliminating them almost immediately. Actually, I remember that repairs needed as a result of a fire on the kitchen stove of this apartment weren’t completed until after I moved in because a replacement vent-a-hood had to be ordered.  A resident in a nearby building had a kitchen stove fire just this year. Let’s just say that now I’m informed about the reality of fire, flood, etc. types of implants.
After being informed about the fire implants and making a note to address that issue, I went back into meditation and was informed about the cause of something I’ve been experiencing during the past year.  When I stare briefly at a bare spot on a wall across from where I’m sitting during daylight hours or with adequate light in the room in the evenings, I see a pulsing on the wall. Depending on the amount of light, I see energies along with a grayish oval shape like an eye.  When I move my eyes to a different spot, the pulsing is there, too.  So the pulsing is coming through my own eyes. It also seems to be in concert with the heartbeat.  The cause is a metaphysical implant in a certain part of the brain (which I wrote down but won’t share here), and it is not beneficial to me in any way.  Haven’t addressed that issue yet, but will soon.  It seems that most metaphysical implants we find in people are in the head area, although others can be found in different parts of the body. And they are much more common than you might expect.
If you the reader want to know more about different types of metaphysical implants and who places them and why, do an Internet search, using terms like “negative implants” and “alien implants,” and then pick up more search options from what comes up with these terms. There is a wealth of information about non-physical implants on the Internet.  Read as much as you choose. When you find something that is too far removed from your reality, just file the information away in your computer brain where it will, hopefully, be available for retrieval as needed in the future.
In the Energy Reading Section of the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we check for various types of implants, with focus on whether the implants are beneficial or detrimental.  The Energy Reading and Soul-Personality Analysis are also available separately. However, most first-timers prefer to receive both, which provide about 175 pieces of information.
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