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Saturday, December 13, 2014


December 13, 2014

I subscribe to the e-mailings of www.coasttocoastam.com . The one I read and scanned today includes a little information about Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, who is described as a remote viewer, medical intuitive, and healer.  While in a deep, meditative trance, Dr. Cottrell has dictated books to his son what he calls his “soul voice.” 

I know what “soul voice” means as far as my own self (and more on that in a paragraph or two), but I wondered if I might gain some general information on the Internet, so I did a quick Google search using that term.  On the first page of listings, I found www.soulvoice.net, the web site of Karina Schelde, founder of the Soul Voice Method of alternative healing.  Karen’s meaning of the term “soul voice” is not what I was looking for, but I’m very impressed with her work and her site and want to suggest readers go there and see if one or more parts resonate with you. Hint:  It seems majorly about emotional healing and soul healing.  Just by watching and listening to an 8-minute video, I experienced an emotional release. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the sounds coming out and to feel the release.  And that was just a short video promotion of the work!  Here is a description of Karina Schelde from the site:  “Karina Schelde is a passionate and internationally recognised pioneer in sound therapy & voice healing. With professional backgrounds in body-work, counselling, breath-work, shamanic healing & acting. Karina has synthesized 30 years of experience in alternative healing into the Soul Voice method. Karina is the author of 3 books, The Magic Power in the Human Voice, Expression into Freedom and Soul Voice, which is published in six languages. She has produced sound healing CD's and videos on her Soul Voice Medicine and has appeared on National Radio & Television. Originally from Denmark, but now based in New Zealand, Karina is dedicated to follow her Calling and spread her groundbreaking method across the globe, in a compassionate service to humanity." Very interesting! 

I have a “soul song” that came through me many years ago and that I sing to myself when bathing every morning.  It centers me in my soul self.  It is just sounds which seem like a language, but it is not any language I’ve ever heard (and there have been many thanks to the Internet). Once about twenty years ago, I felt a presence leave me when in bed and noticed a cocooned humanoid form floating nearby. When I began singing my soul song, an elder guiding spirit showed up and cautioned me not to sing my soul song for a while because the being/person would be drawn back to me when he needed to rest and recuperate before returning.  He actually took me to the facility on another plane/level of existence where my dear one was lodged.  He sensed me and reached out an arm to me, but the elder explained to both of us that the separation was needed at that time. Long story short, being at this dense, low-vibration level of existence is difficult for beings of higher and finer vibration and can contaminate and corrupt. I also have been taken elsewhere for a rest and tune-ups over the years.

The voice coming from/through my body often changes during personal and telephone consultations. Sometimes this sounds like an “angel voice” (as I’ve described it over the years). Sometimes it is the voice of other lifestreams serving Divine through this my person, such as “master teacher.”   We are a collective ministering through this human instrument. Sometimes it is another facet/aspect of the multidimensional soul self.  It seems to me that what Dr. Cottrell (in the first paragraph) calls his “soul voice” is the voice of another facet of his multidimensional soul self. Have you ever experienced your “soul voice”?   

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