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Wednesday, December 03, 2014


December 3, 2014

I once knew a woman, whom I’ll call Carol for purposes of this article, and her mother, whom I’ll call Edith for this article.  Edith was of advanced age, although mobile and more healthy than most women of that age range, but Carol asked me to live with her—for the usual reasons.  One day Edith fell and had to go to the hospital, and died a few days later.  It was her time. During those last days, Carol spent many hours in a chair beside Edith’s hospital bed, talking about the past with her mother, who could barely respond, etc., sometimes sleeping with her head at an awkward angle.  A couple weeks after Edith’s demise, Carol’s friends talked her into going for a spa visit in another state for a few days. Carol’s neck was in pain—from that awkward position in the chair for so many hours, she assumed.  When undergoing one of the spa treatments—while sitting in a chair, the woman working on her let out a gasp and pulled back, seeming shocked and shaken. Long story short, the woman reported that someone else’s hands came into her hands and communicated that she was Carol’s mother. Well, seconds before the woman pulled her hands away, Carol felt something leave her neck and found it was no longer stiff. All this happened in a matter of seconds.  Carol jumped up out of her chair and ran (with spa treatment goop still on her face and hair) to find her girlfriends and tell them what had happened.  Edith didn’t want to leave her only child had been attached to her neck.

Months later, I found Carol on the floor going through some of her mother’s things and stood there and talked with her. I sensed a presence beside me and, after a minute or two, I clairaudiently heard the words:  “I needed me a daughter.”  I responded, a little confused because there were two spirits there.  One was Edith, and one was Edith’s own mother.  It was Edith who communicated.  I shared all this was Carol, who was open to such information.

These kinds of happenings have been commonplace throughout history, and many have been recorded in various ways and spoken about at gatherings of people. However, it happens that people in their spirit bodies can come and stay a while or come and go.  These sometimes can be earthbound spirits, but many are not. 

I met a very special four-year-old boy and his mother once about fifteen years ago. We were in a park.  The mother and I talked.  The child pointed to my head area from about four feet away and said, “I see Jesus,” several times.  The mother was in awe and believed her son, who attended Sunday School and church regularly.  I didn’t know what she saw for sure and just let things slide along as if it were no big deal.  A few weeks or months later, I was sitting across a big room from a new friend, and saw a haggard-looking man with hair almost shoulder length hair superimposed over his own face. They were definitely not the same person. I didn’t mention it and just assumed it was one of the facets of the friend’s soul because many times over the years I’ve seen different faces reveal themselves when looking at people or their photos that are other soul facets or even the faces of the soul in many lives.  Not unusual for me (but not common either). When thinking about it later, I realized that this spirit had wanted me to see him, and he was probably who the young boy had seen with me because he had a stereotypical Jesus look about him.  Further investigation revealed that this spirit had not wanted me to come into this embodiment and had followed me here. He had a very rough time being at this level of existence with me.

Once about twenty-five years ago, there was a cosmic man in my life whom I sheltered for a few months in my apartment.  I wasn’t attracted to him physically, although many other women were.  Truth was, he felt more like a close brother than a possible love-mate. When I began to feel strong physical arousal around him (maddeningly common), I strongly resisted it. Compounding the problem was that he was sending me mixed messages.  I checked and found several lives where we had been close—one where one of us was a ship’s captain and the other his cabin boy. There definitely seems to have been a close relationship over many lifetimes.  I don’t think I could ever have brought myself to become physically intimate with him this lifetime even if he had followed through and pursued me.  I almost left the body and went home over this, and a healer put me on her table twice to pull me back in—just in time, she reported.  The man had wanted to come with me, but I refused.  However, he showed up in spirit during the session.  The healer knew him and also saw him in spirit with us. Long story short is that it was absolute craziness.  We were being played, no doubt, by fourth density extraterrestrials for their amusement.  I discovered that the presence of this man in the lives of several other local women had almost driven them crazy or suicidal.   Years later I found that this man is part of my oversoul group (as is one grandson). 

An aside:  Also part of my oversoul group is Bartholomew, the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church based in Istanbul, Turkey.  First time I saw him in a news interview years ago, I recognized him. From time to time, I’ll clairaudiently pick up “Istanbul,” and know it is bleed-through from the life of Bartholomew.  Recently, there was a New York Times article shared in the Dallas Morning News with a photo of Pope Francis and Bartholomew together.  It is strange, because in this embodiment I’m so NOT into organized religion and especially not rituals of any kind.

Anyway, over the years, long after the cosmic man had moved on from my apartment, I (a cosmic woman) saw him in spirit.  Once a troubled friend with whom I’d had a brief affair during the previous year arrived for a visit.  When I noticed him getting out of his car, I was shocked because I saw the cosmic man superimposed over him (meaning merged with him).  I sensed the cosmic man’s presence as I gave my suffering friend a neck massage and provided a listening ear.  At another time when this friend came to visit and was resting face down across the bed, I glanced at him and saw the cosmic man yet again.  He also showed up merged with another man during the next couple years.

These experiences are shared for purposes of planting seeds of awakening in those who aren’t very aware of such things and amusing those who are familiar with such things.

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