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Monday, December 01, 2014


December 1, 2014

I participate in several Internet groups and networks where spiritual-metaphysical people share their experiences.  There is one spiritual teacher/healer, who has private sessions and hosts healing circles, who does a great service (in my opinion) by sharing some of his/her experiences with others.  He/She is very, very clairvoyant—about 80%, I’m given.  In other words, this individual can see things that most others cannot. (My clairvoyance is lower than my other spiritual gifts/metaphysical skills.)   He/She can also communicate with “unseen ones” (a skill I also have).

A recent report of this spiritual-metaphysical teacher/healer briefly describes some of what shows up when he/she works with people.  During a session, two neutral, amiable ETs walked up and communicated that they “took” the individual in the chair at age ten (and he/she remembers a strange experience at that age). The teacher/healer then noticed a large white wolf, and the person reported feeling this presence with him/her during the night and felt protected. Next was an entity with negative vibes that sometimes stands next to his/her bed.  She/He also has a dragon that keeps other people away from her when required—a protector of sorts. I’ve noticed similar reports of this teacher/healer this year. He/She is educating people who are uninformed about such matters by sharing his/her experiences. The teacher/healer explains to us what he/she calls the dynamics of “spiritual physics.”  It’s like going to a shopping mall where we experience many types of people. Our “unseen associates” are simply beings from other dimensions/densities (and there are various sublevels within these). These can be negative, neutral, or of high vibration. I feel what is around me, and my support team often gives me names of visitors.

Over the weekend, when in position to meditate, I felt very high vibration energy coming into my person (usually a download or overlay for clearing, healing, and recharging), and I became so blissful that I had no interest in meditating. The whole body is smiling as I remember.  Then, all of a sudden, while in that blissful state, I was given a name and dark, heavy, angry energy gathered around me, some landing on my physical body.  So I knew who the malevolent entities came from (and that person is possessed, occupied, and used by the reptilian overlords).  I just sat there and let things be until they left.  In retrospect, perhaps one of my “unseen associates” detected what was coming and provided protection. I felt the awful energy on my face only briefly before it was cleared by the high-vibration energy.

The main point of this piece is that if a person tends to have a kind, loving, helpful, compassionate nature, the person will usually have similar spirits/beings/entities as “unseen associates.” (Caveat:  If a person is engaged in spiritual and metaphysical healing for others, then entities with negative agendas can sometimes be found targeting that person.)  Humans who were abused as young ones and hold a lot of anger and have a larger “shadow self” tend to attract beings of similar vibration who tend to move in and take over to varying degrees (as well as beneficial beings who are attempting to assist).  People who, in general, are service-to-self and greedy and have not compassion for others attract beings of similar consciousness.  And people who don’t have a strong sense of who they are, who fail to project that beingness energetically (as discussed in a recent article) are “fair game.” 

We ask the reader:  Who are you—really?  What is your focus?  What are you projecting? What “unseen associates” have you allowed to participate in your life? Failing to choose can be just as detrimental as choosing the dark side. Choose now. Take a stand.

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