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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


December 10, 2014

I laughed with gratitude today about something I’ve been witnessing for weeks now. Although I have been living in this small, senior citizen apartment community for over four and a half years, it was only this year that I seriously got into some deep healing for the property—including residents and workers—after only lightly addressing specific issues before.  There seemed to be demonic energies and entities and low vibration spirits around even before we got a new manager, but his/her arrival only made matters much worse.

Among the issues we’ve addressed this year (for residents, workers, buildings, and property) are negative elementals, lower astral negative entities, and demonic energies/ entities (and there are more issues) attached to people and property.  We sometimes find wandering spirits of the area that come on property from time to time and need intervention.  We also raise the vibration of the place only a little at a time (with light energy infusion) so as not to cause any upheavals or health issues for residents.

The improvements in health and wellbeing and behavior of residents and the vibes of the community are palpable.  How wonderful!  Some specific people I recognized as having demonic attachments are now free and clear.  I checked today and found that there has been about a 55% improvement for this property and its residents directly attributable to our intervention.  Don’t you just love it?!  We’ll continue to work on behalf of the community, of course.

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