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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


January 14, 2015

This week has been a week of self-work—both inner and outer.  I’ve been addressing ancestral issues in a different way than usual, clearing my genetic lineages (ancestors, descendants, and my own person) of various things, including scoliosis and curses.

One of the other things I’ve been addressing is the issue of soul fragments of other human persons in my space (and also looking for any fragments of my own self  that might be with others). This is different than the issue of attached spirits. I recalled reading another healing facilitator (forget exactly who) mention in an article that fragments of other persons hang out with his/her person for the purpose of learning.

I’ve found fragments of other human persons with me from time to time and usually send them back home. Normally, these are not stuck and trapped but can come and go. I found seventeen this afternoon and began the process of returning them to their sources.  But then I received a first name and was asked (telepathically), “Can I stay?”  And the comment of the other healing facilitator about fragments of other persons with her/him to learn came to mind.  So then I checked and found that person (whom I haven’t had contact with in ten to fifteen years) is with me to learn and approved it. I then asked if there was anyone else with me to learn and got a name and saw a face. That one I didn’t approve for the reason that he/she has been trying to be me for twenty to twenty-five years (and I’ll spare readers the details).

It still amazes me how good I feel after various kinds of clearings/healings.  Who/what are you carrying around, reader?  And why? 

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