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Monday, February 16, 2015


February 16, 2015

You’d think that, after all these years, I’d recognize when I need to address an issue specifically rather than in general.  No, I’m still learning like everyone else.

This year, the metaphysical violations, abuse, and attacks on my person have increased in intensity, with Friday the thirteenth being the worst ever. (Nevertheless, I’ve heard from people who have undergone much worse.)  The February 14, 2015 article titled “Metaphysical Violations, Abuse & Attacks” gives thoughts of Lisa Renee on the subject and tells about my experiences on the thirteenth.

A few weeks ago, I had pulled a couple books from my bookcase to review on the subject of psychic protection. In my experience, one can gain more insights each time one rereads/scans a book. I hadn’t opened either of them until this morning, however. When Diane Stein’s “Reliance on the Light” (first published in 2001) fell to the floor when I was shifting papers and clipboards, I made a decision to glance through it to see if anything stood out.  I opened to a page in Chapter 8, titled “Deliberate Interference,” which begins on page 123.  What caught my attention on the page I opened to was Diane’s “failing eyesight” in a short period of time (something I’ve been experiencing, including double vision at times). Diane had reached the point where she couldn’t even read.   In this chapter, Diane related her first awareness of having a curse or hex placed upon herself, which came from a group of “born-again Christians” and began on a speaking tour.  I’ll spare you the details, but these women who harassed and followed her from place to place were by no stretch of the imagination Christian followers of Jesus Christ—despite wearing crosses and professing to be Christian. Being Christian is about no-harm living.  Diane became ill with no definitive disease, but managed to complete the tour. She was still feeling the effects of that trip out-of-state when she received a “psychic healing” about five years later.  The healing facilitator asked her who had “put a hex” on her.  She saw something in Diane’s solar plexus that looked like a black arrow with a string coming from it, and the energy all around it looked like “green and festered puss.”  The healing facilitator asked Diane what came into her mind, and it was the harassing Christian women.  The healing facilitator informed Diane that the Christian women knew exactly what they were doing, and they had kept renewing the hex over the years since they had stalked and harassed her.  Because Diane has psychic skills and spiritual gifts, she was able to follow the instructions of the facilitator, and they took care of business.   The full title of Diane Stein’s 2001 book is, “Reliance on the Light:  Psychic Protection with the Lords of Karma and the Goddess.”  However, as Diane mentions in the book, one can also work with the Christed heavenlies. After all, true Christians don’t attempt to harm others—either directly or indirectly.

I shared in a blog several years ago about discovering I was being negatively impacted by not just a few “Christian” people whose negative prayers (i.e., imprecatory prayers) were having an adverse effect on my wellbeing but an entire church.  A very psychic person’s eyes got big when we were discussing it and she said, “There is an entire church praying for you!”  I put a stop to that.  I didn’t have hard feelings toward them because I felt they didn’t realize what they were doing and had good intentions.  I always like to give people the benefit of a doubt (often to my detriment).  In recent weeks, I’ve noticed the prayers “in his precious name” and acts of people engaged in the dark arts targeting me and mine have increased in intensity, as have the results of those prayers.  As mentioned in the blog referred to above, there are demons/demonic spirits who respond to the prayers and curses and spells of people and attempt to do what is requested.  For those who are wondering, general “shields” and routine psychic protection can only marginally block (or deflect.

Some people think that  a curse and a hex are the same thing.  Generally speaking, they are.  A hex is defined as “a magic spell, a curse.”  A curse is defined as “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.”  However, one thing I’ve learned over the twenty-five or so years of my ministry is that there are subtle differences in meaning or expression, or sound.   When dealing with an issue, it is wise to cover all the bases.

I ask for what I want in the name of Christ (meaning Christ Divine, Christ Everlasting, Cosmic Christ). And sometimes I’ll even ask in the name of Jesus Christ (whose embrace filled me with the most beautiful love once during a very dark time thirty to forty years ago).  Some people prefer to ask in the name of the Light.  Diane Stein and her facilitator called upon Archangel Michael for assistance.  I call upon Christ Michael the Archangel and others.   This morning I began the process of setting myself free from “hexes and related practices” and was given that it will be a lengthy process because I’m under the influence of about twenty-two.  Whew!  If you practice praying or calling upon Divine Ones or Heavenlies for assistance and sense you may be under the influence of curses, hexes, etc., I will share the specific request we the Angel-Light Team created that I used to begin setting me and mine free (if we discern that knowing them can assist you).

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