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Saturday, February 14, 2015


February 14, 2015

In her recent article (excellent) titled “Transfiguration,” Lisa Renee (www.energeticsynthesis.com) had a section titled “Discerning the Nature of Spirit Forces.”  This was not new information for me, but it is so well written that I want to include it here:  “This can be a stage of redemption for Satanic and Luciferian forces that may have been attached to us, as these forces rise to the surface and challenge our faith and authority with God’s spirit.  The process of deliverance for these lower spirits of Satanic and Luciferian forces can manifest in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they will be made manifest in the earthly plane in a human representative in order to see them as manifested. When they manifest in forms and situations, unfortunately most people cannot recognize what they are looking at. Most people are unaware there are dark spirits that are assigned certain purposes by the humans and nonhumans who evoke them [emphasis added]. We live in a multidimensional world with every kind of spirit force one could imagine. There are Spirits of Hate, Spirits of Rape, Spirits of Poverty, and Spirits of Pedophilia. We do not want to communicate with these spirits unless we are qualified to perform deliverance (transiting). Most of these collective forces of spirits were earthly humans once, who over time were bound to a consciousness theme, from their own repeated actions of committing the same. It is important to comprehend that absolutely everything on the planet has some type of consciousness or spirit. When you observe it operating en masse in the world, then it means there is a type of consciousness spirit behind that action. There are dark spirits, and there are truth and light spirits. These lower spirits are manipulated and embodied by people. This is the nature of consciousness, so it is important to discern the nature of spirit forces. Usually, if we are unwilling to look inside ourselves, we will have external lessons of growth and necessary change. If we are attached to old ways of life and material things, we may refuse change and that will make us suffer. If we continually refuse to grow emotionally and spiritually, we will experience many things that will increase pressure on us to change. This can take the form of illness, injury, accidents, or having to face great adversity and challenge. Many of these circumstances are actually requiring that we face our inner demons as they have manifested on the earth. In order to free ourselves, we must see this for what it is and liberate ourselves from their control. We liberate ourselves by calling on the Spirit of Humility, deferring to God’s Spirit and casting our personal burdens to divine will, to serve the higher divine plan. The purpose is to discern what it is, to call it out and know it as the Imposter Spirit, and to know the difference between the Eternal Light of God and the Forces of Darkness and Shadow. During this phase of transfiguration, many of us will face the inner demons of despair, the demons of addiction, fear and agony.  Some of us will face these same demons on the earth plane, and provide deliverance for these creations to be released from their bindings [emphasis added] and returned to the heart of Holy Mother. . .”

Have you ever put your hand to your head in exasperation and asked yourself, “How could I have overlooked that?”  Or, “How could I have forgotten that?” Or, “What was I thinking?” Well, I have—the most recently being this morning!  Maybe it’s age-related, or maybe that’s just the excuse I choose.  I have facilitated deliverance for “fallen angels” in the past (very satisfying, I might add).  I have also sent “laser beams” of Healing Love Energy and Divine Light Energy of the Christ Vibration into the demons that come calling on me (at the command of humans engaging In the dark arts).  In the process, I request their healing and redemption and ask they be taken into the light of the galactic center for rest, recuperation, and more healing—with the goal being redemption.   So why did I treat them as adversaries when I experienced “hell” yesterday, Friday the thirteenth?  When they returned this morning and began their abuse of my person, I asked their forgiveness for failing to assist them, communicated my intent and plans, and invited them to wait with me until I finish my time at computer this morning. 

In case you’re wondering if I “attracted” the demons on Friday the 13th (which has been labeled a bad luck day for centuries), I didn’t have one thought related to that this week. It was just the day of the worst abuse and attacks I’ve ever endured (by demons intentionally sent to me on that day by people engaging in the dark arts).  I was thinking more about Valentine’s Day, today, and how I was last with the love of my life on Valentine’s Day ten to twenty years ago. (I’m intentionally not including the exact year.)

I regard Lisa Renee highly and recommend you spend some time visiting her site (www.energeticsynthesis.com) to read, study, and learn.

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