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Sunday, March 15, 2015


March 15, 2015
You might find it easier to learn this process when standing.  After you know it well and feel ease in doing it, this process can be just as effective when reclining or sitting. 

Imagine a disk (like a CD or DVD, but without the hole in the middle) of bright golden white light, 3 feet to 5 feet in diameter and positioned  horizontally about 3 feet to 5 feet above your head.  You’re going to spin the disc.  People who remember 45 rpm vinyl records that were played on turntables can remember how those discs would spin. You might like to envision an angel in control of the bright golden white disc, or you might be more comfortable imagining yourself spinning the disc, or even just prefer to imagine it spinning. 

Start the disc to spinning clockwise, and  imagine it moving down through the center of your body (accessing both the physical body and the auric field) to about 3 feet to 5 feet below your feet if standing or sitting with feet on the floor, and 3 feet to 5 feet beyond your feet if reclining.   Then stop the clockwise spin and start the disc to spinning counterclockwise. Move it back up to above your head as it spins, ending one full cycle.  Do the same on the second cycle, but spin the disc a little faster.  On the third cycle, spin the disc still faster.  The faster you spin the disc, the more effective it is at clearing.

During the last cycle, imagine the forming of a column/pillar of golden white light, which extends from 3 feet to 5 feet above your head and 3 feet to 5 feet below/beyond your feet and penetrates and encompasses your physical body.  When the last cycle is complete, imagine a golden white disk over the top of the column/pillar and under the bottom of the column/pillar to seal it. How would it feel if the column/pillar is vibrating?  Imagine that.

From time to time as you go about your day, and when you awaken during the night. Say, silently or aloud, “pillar of light” or “column of light” and imagine it in place.  

The disc of golden white clears your energy.  The pillar/column of golden white light offers a measure of protection.  As you continue to use this procedure over time, its effectiveness will increase.

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