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Saturday, March 07, 2015


March 7, 2015
A current news story reports have a mother and her young daughter (in the USA) were diagnosed with cancer only several days apart and how they’re dealing with it.   When I first saw the headline, I exclaimed (half aloud), “They’re carrying the energies.”  I was corrected with the word “frequencies.”  People who are very close often share diseases and issues.  And if one associates closely with a group of people with the same issue/disease over a period of years, and/or if one’s auric field is not fully intact or is overly permeable, one may also find one’s self with the physical and mental symptoms of the group.  Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but I’ve read and heard enough about it, that such happenings aren’t just coincidental.
Are you aware that human bodies can have and/or be carrying spirits, frequencies, energies, entities, patterns, imprints, implants, though forms, energy constructs, programs, encodements, and templates--their’s or someone else’s--even when there are not yet symptoms of dis-ease?   We also find these for non-physical issues, such as fear, addiction, poverty and lack, depression and suicide, despair and hopelessness.  We check for the spirits of these and other issues in the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  Found a person with about 25 spirits of poverty and lack the other day (evidenced in physicality, too), who had almost no other areas of concern.  We remove these and clear the other causes as allowed as part of the Divine Reconnective Healing Process.  We can address a specific issue without providing the DRH Process; however, in order to ensure we’re covering all the underlying causes of an issue, the DRH Process is important. If the issue/condition/disease is an important part of the soul’s plan for this life, the oversoul will deny the clearing. However, we ask for clearance to proceed with what we set out to do (item by item) and are sometimes given permission to proceed. If there is an indication that the lords of karma are denying the clearing, we ask for grace, and it is sometimes granted (although not without presenting our case).  I’m a big believer in Divine grace and mercy and don’t subscribe to “strict karma.”  When a dis-ease has majorly permeated the physical body over time, there is normally no “magic wand,” such as the clearing described that will terminate and eliminate the disease immediately.  However, science has documented how a body damaged by many years of heavy smoking can repair and heal itself after stopping and not smoking for many years.  Our amazing human bodies have so much ability to heal themselves when supported in so doing.
If people only knew how clearing energy bits of others, sending soul fragments of others back to source, and releasing and processing attached spirits (and more) can improve  their health and wellbeing, they’d either learn to do it themselves or ask a healing facilitator to do so every now and then. Spiritual healing and energy clearing can complement the care of medical professionals. We are not suggesting that any person end professional medical care to trust in spiritual healing and energy clearing to terminate and eliminate a disease.  Miracles abound!
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