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Thursday, April 16, 2015


April 16, 2015

A friend shared an update on Facebook this morning: “Sometimes I feel like an alien.” Several people shared that they feel (and even know) they are alien to this planet.  I shared that it just so happens that when I awoke this morning, I lingered in bed while noticing how I felt like a stranger in a strange land—more strongly than usual.  It’s a constant thing, an in-this-world-but-not-of-it knowingness.

The friend who shared the update then commented that her guidance as she awoke was, “Clear the distortions.”  She had no idea what was meant by that and assumed it was a huge task.  Collectively, it might be.  However, immediately, I got off Facebook to prepare for some meditation time and received clear guidance as the computer was shutting down: “Clear all distortions from the human energy field."  I knew I had to turn the computer on again immediately and share it.  As that was happening (and it takes a while),  I stood up, away from the computer, stretched my arms up and out loosely, and decreed/affirmed  "I Am Angel-Light. In the name of Christ, I Angel-Light Decree I Am, we are, clearing all distortions from my human energy field--now."  (You can substitute "the Light" for "Christ" if you wish.) Felt wonderful! Still does! Obviously, I needed that!

Plug in, turn on, and dance with Divine, folks!

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