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Saturday, April 11, 2015


April 11, 2015

When listening to a two-hour presentation of a cosmic awake and aware and informed gentleman in England recently via Internet, I took notice that he informed listeners that Interdimensional Entities are non-biological (non-physical) entities that exist between 3rd and 4th dimensions (aka densities).  One of my Team (unseen associate) commented that it is a “dark space.” These entities answer the call, so to speak, of people who engage in the dark arts (including issuing  curses, and I call these “dark hearts”), and also ordinary folks who speak negatively about others with strong emotion and wish them harm—or even pray that others will be harmed (imprecatory prayer). The hearts of these are “dark” in varying degrees. Frankly, engaging in such practices can and will backfire eventually (and sometimes almost immediately).  You don’t want to “dance with the devil." Once you have worked in concert with these dark ones, it can be difficult to get free of them. They don’t take rejection lightly.

Truth be told, I had never given much thought about exactly where interdimensional entities were based.  I just assumed they dwelled between dimensions.  That’s what the word interdimensional means: between dimensions.  Because I’m familiar with the topics covered in the gentleman’s presentation, my personal experience with interdimensional entities, the “adventures” of others with them, the new information makes sense to me. 

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