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Saturday, April 18, 2015


April 18, 2015

Many people report wonderful results with the most benevolent outcome requests recommended by Tom T. Moore (www.thegentlewaybook.com).  I have embellished it a wee bit for ease of readers who want to begin using it on a regular basis (which adds to the basic request):

“I Am [your name]. I Am The I Am That I Am. In the name of Christ [or the Light], I [your name] decree I Am requesting a most benevolent outcome for ________, and may the outcome be better than I could hope for or expect.”

Taking a deep breath before and after could be helpful—if time permits. Some examples of the types of things you can put in the blank are:  the surgery of Joe’s mother on Monday; a parking space close to the building; smooth sailing on our cruise next week; Sarah’s medical tests; payment of our large electric bill that is due; the car repair; a pleasant time for all at the family reunion; arriving safely and on time for my doctor’s appointment.  You get the idea!

Of course, if a car is heading straight at you on a one-way street, you may only have time to yell,  “Most benevolent outcome!  Most benevolent outcome!”  If you have been making the most benevolent outcome requests before that, you’ll get more attention from those who can assist. 

I haven’t requested most benevolent outcomes often and, when I have, I haven’t noticed they’ve been granted as they have for other people.  I hope the exception is when I ask for a most benevolent outcome “in the matter of the sirens I’m hearing now.”  And I live in an area where I hear them often. If you find requesting most benevolent outcomes is helpful, share your results with Tom T. Moore (www.thegentlewaybook.com).

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