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Monday, April 13, 2015


April 13, 2015

A while back, someone shared something on the Internet about the work of Mireille Mettes of Europe—something called “Mental & Intuitive Reset.”  It is very similar to some other techniques for healing and wellbeing that circulate on the Internet. The basic step of the MIR Technique is to touch and stroke one hand with the other while instructing your body aloud to do whatever it is you want it to do—three times each session, two sessions a day, every day for four weeks or a month. There is more to the MIR Method, of course, including several suggestions as to what to ask your body to do. I prefer my own suggestions/requests of the body and will share them below. I prefer stroking and patting the heart center and the high heart center (upper chest) rather than the hand. Some might prefer stroking and patting the area over the body’s core, which is about where the rib cages meet.

I have a process handout titled “Command Your Body” that I share, which is not as simple as the MIR Technique but very effective. Various versions of it circulate on the Internet. However, I think it was Cosmic Healer/Teacher Carla Fox who inspired me to create the handout. Begin the process by taking several slow, deep breaths using the full trunk of the body, and continue breathing deeply (although gently) throughout the process. Focus on the core of your body, which is located between the solar plexus chakra and the heart center at about the point where the rib cages seem to meet.  Then imagine what is called the Central Vertical Channel, which is located from the top to the bottom of your auric egg/auric field, down the center of your body just forward of the spine. Ideally, the radius of the Central Vertical Channel is about 3 inches across, but some people who haven’t worked on the Central Vertical Channel find it to be much smaller. There are reasons it can be larger as well.  The auric egg/auric field extends about three and a half feet around the physical body in all directions.  So now you’ve focused on your core, your center, and have imagined the Central Vertical Channel.  Think of something you want the body to do.  So focus on your core and imagine you’re in that center, take a deep breath, and speak a command aloud--respectfully. Then take another deep breath, and image the command as a ball of light moving up and down your Central Vertical Channel. You’ll sense when the process has been initiated.

It might help you to write down several things you want the body to do before starting either of these  processes, but it seems to be better to address only one issue a day.  I like to start each request/command with the word “please”; some might prefer to end each request with “please”; and others might feel good about putting the word “please” at both the beginning and the ending. The word “now” needs to be in most requests/commands at some point.

Some examples are:  Please restore peace and calm now. Please dissolve all stones and blood clots in safe and healthy ways now.  Please lower the blood pressure to a safe level now.  Please purify and repair and restore the auric field [or auric egg] now. Please release all toxins in safe and healthy ways now.  Please disappear the bone spurs now please. Please center and balance and ground now. Here’s a collection of verbs that are useful in self clearing and healing. They are in the form used for affirmations/decrees (“I Am” format). Just take off the “ing” when using them for instructing/commanding the body.  Action verbs:  ascending,  allowing, aligning, attuning, activating, balancing, binding, banishing, breaking,  cutting, closing, clearing, centering, ceasing, canceling, changing, converting, decorrupting, decontaminating, denying, disintegrating, defusing, disabling, deactivating, deleting, disappearing, dissolving, dislodging, diffusing, destroying, dismissing, disengaging, dissolving, dismissing, discharging, discontinuing, dispelling, dismantling, disintegrating, discontinuing, evicting, embodying, excluding,  eradicating, erasing, exiting,  extracting,  extricating, embedding, extinguishing, eliminating, flushing, fortifying, healing, integrating, invalidating, increasing, insulating, liberating, matching, merging,  maximizing, minimizing, merging, neutralizing, nullifying, negating, optimizing, opening, purging, purifying,  quarantining, revitalizing, releasing, restoring, repairing, revitalizing,  renewing, rebooting, retrieving, restoring, reconfiguring, recalibrating, reinforcing, removing, sealing, securing, severing, securing, transcending, transmuting, transforming, terminating, transferring, unblocking, unplugging, untangling,  unifying, updating, uncreating, voiding.
All instructions/commands are to be made in a respectful, loving, appreciative way, and "thank you" is very appropriate at several times during a session.

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