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Thursday, May 28, 2015


May 28, 2015

I’m pleased to announce the publication of “They Exist” (A Review of Key Literature on Extraterrestrial Existence) by Friend Piers Morris of the U.K. whose career is that of an international corporate attorney.  This is not Piers’ first book, all of which were valuable contributions, but “They Exist” excites me the most.

Here’s the full back cover:  “EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXISTENCE AND WHAT IT MEANS TO US – IT’S ALL HERE IN ONE PLACE!   This is one of the biggest stories in the history of humankind: We are not alone. There has been an interrelationship with advanced extraterrestrial intelligence from the beginning of human history. Not much is known about alien existence, even though it has had a huge impact on humanity. “They Exist” is a unique review of key literature in the field of extraterrestrial existence, and summarizes the work of the researchers and writers in this field in one easy-to-read book. We learn about a frightening alien agenda which could end humanity as we know it, the current control of humanity and why aliens are visiting Earth.  An essential reference covering the arrival of the UFO, the monuments to alien existence, the political and military response to the aliens, the alien-human hybridisation agenda, and much more . . .”

“They Exist” is divided into two major parts—each containing several chapters, and an addendum. Part 1 is “The Existence of Extraterrestrial Life and its Effect on Earth.”  Part 2 is “The Making of the Human, Extraterrestrial Signs, and the Consequences of Alien Visitation.”  A section of the Addendum is titled “The Future of Humanity—Any Hope?”   Here’s the last paragraph:  “Whilst this all may seem somewhat farfetched and worrying, particularly as the majority of the vast global population of earth has yet to come to terms with the idea of extraterrestrial existence, in the end the future of humanity may come down to choosing between the continuation of its current pursuit of material possession of things, power and control, or the more laudable aim of equality, transparency and sharing. Perhaps it is time humanity turned the telescope around and looked outwards, and grasped the implications of our lives in the wider universe, rather than the current narrow-minded, inward-looking, self-serving perspective of much of humanity. Humanity’s saving grace may be its capacity to evolve through intelligence, but time is short, and Earth’s leaders rarely exhibit characteristics which could save mankind from extinction.”

I have a good idea of how much time and effort went into the creation of “They Exist” because I was very involved with the editing (keeping in mind the differences between American English and British English). Because I was already familiar with the subject, and was aware of and familiar with some of the literature reviewed, it's my opinion that "They Exist" is a good way to learn a lot for just a few dollars ($11.99 US on Amazon).

You may want to share about this important book with your associates and in your networks. Feel free to share this review article in its entirety.  

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