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Friday, May 22, 2015


May 22, 2015

I subscribe to the variety of interesting, informative, and inspirational articles/blogs (numerous) of Ann Kreilkamp (www.exopermaculture.com).  Ann also provides a valuable service by sharing links to various articles and videos she finds of interest.  Here’s how Ann describes her site:  [This site] is for anyone who seeks to bridge/blend the above with the below within themselves and in the permaculture world. I view this site, on which I spend an average of 3 to 5 hours per day, as a service for those who wish to cultivate a spherical comprehension of multidimensional realities while remaining grounded, centered, detached and aware of the unity of all. If  ”permaculture” is a design system that utilizes natural laws as they are experienced on Earth to create abundant, harmonious human settlements, then, “exopermaculture” refers to the larger context of permaculture, Earth’s cosmic context. By expanding our permacultural horizons to include the nutrient soup that holds the biosystem of our home planet, we might be able to discover how to grow even more food and create even more abundant, even more harmonious communities. If permaculture strives for permanent culture on earth, then exopermaculture strives to enlarge the capacities for permanent culture on earth by recognizing and learning how to utilize the assumed diversity of “natural laws” that characterize various interdimensional, cosmic, interplanetary, galactic, and intergalactic realities. Actually, there’s no way of knowing where this kind of cross-fertilization might lead. As they say, “The sky’s the limit!”

I was thrilled to read Ann’s remarks about her multidimensional soul self in a recent article and want to share them with readers because her words describe our multidimensionality better than I or anyone else of whom I’m aware. Consider this:   It's a mystery to me why "I" "choose" to repost and/or emphasize some things and not others. Quotes around "I":  because don't know which dimension of me is responsible for anything. Quotes around "choose":  ditto. Whatever "I" of my multidimensional self is in charge at the moment, it steers eyes and hands to a particular piece for reposting, or maybe for grouping with other pieces, to repost them all with a particular slant that this particular "I" wants to get across. Often, when this or that "I" starts a composition, it's not obvious to all the rest of the "I's" what kind of perspective it (or they) will receive! And it's not that these "I"s are competing; they are not characters in a play. Rather, I see/feel them as various levels of myself, living in a sort of upside down triangular formation, layer upon layer interfusing, with larger and larger perspectives, all peering "down" through my little 3D eyes. Just so you know.

If you would like to get to know the delightful, wise Ann Kreilkamp, check out www.exopermaculture.com.

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