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Saturday, May 30, 2015


May 30, 2015

A recent blog article of Cosmic Carla Fox (http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com) reminded me that I haven’t, in a very long time, shared on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ site about how one can neutralize and change the frequency resonance vibration of substances—from a distance or when the substance is at hand.

Focused intent is most important, as is deep breathing. Here’s Carla’s description of how she works on substances at hand:  “I cup my hands around the glass [or over the substance], and infuse it with all sorts of positive energy and intent.  This energy comes from my core essence [center of body, about where the rib cages meet], down my arms and out my palms.”  If Carla is aware that there can be harmful side effects of a substance, she energetically removes all negative side effects.  Again, it is clear intent that is most important.  I shift frequencies of substances and objects similarly to Carla. I remove things from substances and objects by pulling them out with hand movements and then clapping my hands together with the word “gone” or similar words. 

In Carla’s May 29, 2015 blog titled “Yellow Fever,” Carla relates a fascinating incident of how she healed yellow fever virus—what she found and how she dealt with it.  After you check it out, treat yourself to some exploration of other great articles on her site (http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com).

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