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Friday, June 05, 2015


June 5, 2015

I’m clairvoyant, which means that I see things that humans don’t normally see. Clairvoyant ability is more developed in some people than others. I’m only 45% clairvoyant, so there are definitely people who are far more clairvoyant than I am. In addition, I am 80% claircognizant (knowing), 55% clairaudient (hearing), 65% clairsentient (feeling), and 75% clairolfactory (smelling). Then there is the intuitive ability, which is 75%, the telepathic ability, which is 65%, and the psychic ability (reading mindstreams), which is a mere 25%.  There are many people promoting themselves as psychic readers when they are using one or more of their other abilities instead of, or in addition to, psychic ability.

Anyway, recently I remembered what I noticed and experienced in an older home where I was assisting for a few months during the 1990s. What stands out about the experiences is that one or more of them were validated by my host (who was an awake and aware person also).  More than once, I saw a “giant” of a male warrior who seemed to enter the house through a door that went into the garage. He was wearing animal hides, skins, and seemed to be from long ago—or from another place in time.  As I write, I’m receiving he was “out of place and time.” I also became aware of an elderly man and woman, one of whom seemed to be a caregiver for the other (one more fragile). I don’t remember the details, other than I picked up or was given the name of one or both of them. My host told me that an elderly couple had lived in the house before he moved there, and that one or both of them had died in the house.  He didn’t know their names. 

Another standout experience was seeing a young male with long, blonde hair, shirtless, moving around in the air—free as a bird, who seemed quite pleased that he could do so.  We communicated. He told me that his name was Beauregard and he had played in a band.   Beau wasn’t interested in any assistance from the Angel-Light Team. When I told my host about Beau, my host verified that he was familiar with him, and that Beau had interfered in one of his relationships in recent years and caused some problems.

There have been many more, similar experiences, of course, during the 25+ years of my ministry/mission but I’m sharing these because the information was verified by someone else.

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