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Thursday, June 25, 2015


June 25, 2015

A person who first contacted me this year for assistance reported this month that he/she is feeling a strange energy in the head and throat and that it feels slimy and disgusting. Understandably, he/she wants it gone.   There are numerous ways to deal with spiritual/energy intrusions (requiring various skill levels), but our instructions were designed specifically for this individual.  I’m sharing because they may assist others as well and because we want to empower people.

Email #1: 

I'm still getting that a person or people involved in the dark arts (black magic), etc. have been targeting you--actually three people, probably working as a group.  That means that it is very important for you to step into your power and use it because these low-minded people tend to re-engage--even after a spiritual/metaphysical intervention.  It is to remember to NOT get emotional about the intrusions, but to get passionate about putting a stop to them--engaging the higher mind and the higher feeling body and the heart rather than the lower mind and lower emotional body--feeling your heart power. It is not to lower self to the level of the perpetrators by also engaging in the dark arts. I have several bits of information as reminders.

Go within to your core while breathing deeply, and command your body, such as, "Body, please eject and expel all intruders and lock them out now. Thank you."  Some people sense results immediately; other people have to practice so the body can get accustomed to receiving commands and acting.  Love your body while so doing. Another thing you can practice is passionately and powerfully speaking your wants (using your heart power), for example, "I want all intruders out of and off of my person immediately. Thank you."  When you speak your wants, one or more of your Divine Support Team aka Angels can choose to intervene on your behalf. The more you become familiar and use such practices, the better. You can also ask the body and state a want (as described) such as this: "all the causes of the pain in the knee terminated and eliminated."  Of course, there are other ways of dealing with such pain that I have blogged about in the past ten years and share in handouts, but this method is simple and can help.  If there are serious issues that require medical intervention, the pain will return very soon.  If the issues are spiritual issues that need to be addressed by you personally, or even in depth with a facilitator, they may return at a later date.

You can ask for "the neutralizing of all homing devices being used by people engaged in the dark arts to target my person."  However, it is better to issue a universal all call for this. Speak three times aloud, "I Am [your name] of [state or country]. Universal All Call."  Remember to breathe. Give it a minute, and then speak:  "In the name of Christ (or the Light), I [your name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks in advance for the neutralizing, negating, and voiding of all that has been initiated and created by people engaging in the dark arts who have been targeting me and mine--on  a full and permanent basis--Now."  Say "thank you" after asking for and commanding assistance/intervention.  And that reminds me of something else:  "I Am [your name] of [country or state]. In the name of [etc.], I [your name] decree I Am invoking [or calling for] Immediate Direct Divine Intervention on behalf of me and mine--Now."  Then speak what you want or call forth, ask for, etc.

Practice being the master of your body.  Pretend and imagine as little children do.

Email #2:

I want to add some things.  Have you ever read about making yourself invisible to certain ones?  It is VERY important NOT to do a general invisibility (except in extreme circumstances, such as being Jewish and hiding from Nazis in the past), but to be specific.  You can make yourself invisible to people doing remote viewing, people astral projecting into your space, and people who engage in the dark arts and their agents (and others as needed).  I didn't mention their agents in the first email, but that's important.   You can find instructions on the Internet to check out, but beware of who is providing them. You don't want to get your instructions from people of lower mind.  If you don't find the instructions, let me know and I'll write some out for you. It's not difficult. Use the terms "clock of invisibility" and "making myself invisible" when you search. The problem with Internet searches these days seems to be that there are so many links related to Internet and video games and to rock bands with unusual names. Makes a search a little more difficult because you have to scroll down and pick out the links that aren't.

Also, if you don't already, put a huge sphere of golden light around you, including your auric egg/auric field. Install (speak and imagine every step) mirrors on the outside to send all negativity back to the creators.  The higher method is a little more complex, and it's about transforming all negativity into neutral and then disposing of it.  You can program your golden sphere to transform all negativity into neutral and send it back to the creators, however.

It's about stepping into your power and using it.  Your intent and focus are important, but your heart of no-harm is the most important.  You want to neutralize the acts of perpetrators--not to harm them. That's all for now unless I remember something else.

Perhaps these instructions tailored specifically for one person may assist others. There are a number of other methods (more complex and requiring certain skill levels) to clear intrusions that people can learn. I’m a believer in KISS (Keep it Short and Simple), and we KISS if at all possible.

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