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Monday, June 29, 2015


June 29, 2015

Years ago I knew a woman who was very close to her mother, who was in her nineties and in better condition than many women her age. They didn’t live together, but they did live in the same neighborhood, and the daughter checked on her mother daily—either in person or by telephone or both.  Then came the time when the mother went to the hospital where she died.  The daughter sat beside her mother’s bed almost constantly, sleeping in a very awkward position, which is where she was when her mother’s spirit left the body.

For weeks, the daughter had pain and pressure in one side of her neck, and she assumed it was because of sleeping in that chair in the uncomfortable position.  Her friends were able to get her to go with them on a trip to a spa for some TLC. At the spa, as she was sitting there with crèmes, etc. on her face and hair, the technician working on her hair gasped and said, “Someone’s hands are taking over my hands.”   Although frightened (because she’d never experienced such a thing and didn’t know what to make of it), she managed to convey a short message to the woman from her mother.  The daughter became so excited that she jumped out of the chair, with face and hair covered in beauty products, and ran to find her friends to tell them what had happened. In all the excitement, she noticed that she no longer had the neck pain!  Obviously, the mother had not wanted to leave her beloved daughter and had attached to her and been with her ever since her own body died.

Months later, when I was helping the daughter go through things in her mother’s home, I sensed someone with us, standing a few feet away and watching us.  That someone said, “Well, I needed me a daughter.”  And then I recognized who it was. You see, the mother had a son, whose father had died young, and she married again to a man who already had children from his first marriage, living with their mother. He was adamant about not having any more children.  The mother managed to conceive and give birth to her precious daughter, anyway.  Of course, the father loved his daughter as much as he loved his sons.

Although not one to subscribe to the metaphysical, the daughter was open to receive the information about her mother being with us and what she communicated—because of her experience at the spa.  How beautiful it was to share in the love between these two!

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