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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


June 30, 2015

A while back, I saved these "Daily Words" of Rev. Petra and Rev. Karen of Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, Texas: Allow yourself to be supported. Ask for help. Reach out to others when you feel like you are not able to do or handle it all. You do not have to walk this path alone. Other people are one of the ways that Spirit [God/Divine] lifts and supports you. Asking for help and letting people into your life are the marks of a strong and self-assured person. Remember, you are loved and supported by the entire Universe. 

A "Universal All Call" is when you need assistance with this, that, or the other issue, and you're getting the word out to all who might assist or intervene on your behalf. You can speak your call aloud when alone, as I usually do, or even put in out there on the Internet. If the issue is of major concern, then you might add "Clarion Call" before "Universal All Call."  If you're about to drown or someone is chasing you with intent to harm, then "SOS" after "Universal All Call" would be appropriate.  (Just don't use that "SOS" casually so as to be like "the boy who cried wolf.")  I try to remember to add "with good to all concerned and no harm to any--now" at the end of my "Universal All Call." 

I have a "Clarion Call, Universal All Call" at this time. It's about replacing my old HP laptop computer and printer and my wireless router.  Many "experts" recommend a new wireless router when you get a new computer in case you've been hacked and don't realize it.  I have all three items on my Amazon wish lists. I don't want my "Clarion Call, Universal All Call" to become an SOS. I can apply any Amazon shopping/gift cards that are donated to my Amazon account and order when there are sufficient funds accumulated.  I give thanks in advance for needs met.

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

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