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Tuesday, July 07, 2015


July 7, 2015

Dark Operatives (also known as Demonics) can be defined as: evil spirits;  sources or agents of evil, harm, distress, or ruin; spirits that cause a person to have a lot of trouble or unhappiness.

There are several reasons that Dark Operatives can be with a person.  If one is in the habit of thinking bad thoughts about others, expressing “road rage” and “going off” on others, arguing with others, criticizing others, engaging in the dark arts with others as targets, or committing acts of violence against creatures or other humans, then one can be assumed to have Dark Operatives engaged with his or her embodiment.  When one has hateful thoughts or anger toward another, these Demonic Spirits can, of their own accord, go to the object of dark thoughts and attempt to inflict harm in some way. People who engage in the dark arts actually invoke/call in Dark Operatives to target others. Their assignments can be general or specific, and these can be found manipulating, deceiving, interfering or, even worse, causing mental confusion or physical harm to their targets.

That reminds me of an article of Michelle Walling (www.cosmicstarseeds.com, www.in5d.com) that was in the July 4th edition of “Wake Up World” ezine/newsletter (www.wake-up-world.com):  “Have you experienced interference with people close to you?”  Michelle expresses my opinions and reality in this article—so much so that I found myself smiling in agreement. Here’s an excerpt: “Those of us who continue to raise our vibration are moving away from the realm where we can be energetically attacked. Because of this, the . . . Archonic agenda has ramped up to affect those around us.  This ploy is designed to attempt to lower our vibration by influencing those that we have interpersonal contact with.”  As Michelle says, when we increase our light quotient, we set off “monitoring alarms” for negative beings who focus on trying to diminish our light (as their assignment is to keep the overall light quotient of humanity lower). Michelle informs readers that people who aren’t awake and aware and aren’t in control of their bodies, thoughts, and actions have become vessels/vehicles for Archonic forces [who are a type of Dark Operative] to act through when targeting those people who can no longer be easily caused to have dark thoughts and act on them or lash out at others.  I agree with Michelle that the Archonic forces seem to be desperate at this time.  Michelle ends with: “The bottom line is that the negative forces that are trapped here with us are trying to bring us down. This is the last showdown, and those of us that are shining our lights on the shadows are bringing attention to ourselves . . . . It truly is amazing to watch this last battle unfold, but we are winning this war on consciousness, and the evidence is in the desperation and failing attempts of energy vampirism cloaked in ridiculousness.”  I recommend you find this article and read it all.

On the other hand, an individual can have Light Operatives (often called angels) around.  Many times they come when the soul embodies and remain engaged with the embodiment throughout the lifetime, coming and going as the need arises.  Others are attracted by the consciousness and the heart of individuals of good intent.  Souls on assignment to assist humanity engage with an embodiment as a team.  However, these souls on assignment (as well as other good hearts) can be found with Dark Operatives who are attempting to sabotage and harm them—directly or through others (the latter the subject of Michelle Walling’s article)—sometimes even going so far as ending the lives of their targets. A case that comes to mind is that of a female who had spent a lot of time facilitating spiritual and metaphysical healing and wellbeing for others (similar to my own life’s work). Several healing facilitators had been unable to set her free from her tormentors, who eventually killed her.  Spirits (Dark Operatives) caused physical pain and blackouts (for which medical doctors could find no cause despite numerous attempts), and even hit her in the head with physical objects.  This is one of the worst cases of direct attacks by Dark Operatives that I’ve been aware of this lifetime.

One could ask:  Why wasn’t this good heart protected? I (and many other teachers/facilitators) have recognized for many years that when souls embody to assist humanity's deliverance from the control of the Archons, who have turned this planet into a prison planet, and get on their radar, these souls are targeted as required to lower their light and diminish their effectiveness, and even to shut down their activities.  (This isn’t the reason for all such experiences of metaphysical attacks, but it is for many persons.) 

While focusing on increasing our light quotients and raising our frequency resonance vibrations, we also need to be taking protective measures to lessen the impact of Dark Operatives in our lives.

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