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Tuesday, September 08, 2015


September 8, 2015

The September 7, 2015 blog of Cosmic Carla Fox is titled, “What’s Your Purpose?”  I’ll share the first two paragraphs here and recommend the reader go to Carla’s site(http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com)  and read more of her words of wisdom on the subject.

Here is a question that I get fairly routinely from my clients.  They would like to know about their purpose here on the planet during their current lifetime.  There seems to be a misconception that one is here to fulfill some big earth changing mission, and on top of that, one may be sabotaged or stopped from fulfilling that mission.  Certainly, there are those whose mission is to bring in and foster an energy template that will change some aspect of earthly life, but those are few and far between.  There can also be a general sense that one is destined for something bigger that what is manifesting for them, but they just can’t grasp what that might be.  “If I can only get that information on what I am really meant to do here, my life would be a whole lot better!”  Does that sound familiar?  

I would like to assure all of you that you are indeed manifesting your purpose here on Earth.  The difficult part of this is that your purpose and plan for this lifetime was co-created with your Higher Self, and exists beyond the veil of forgetting that dropped down behind you when you embodied physicality at birth.  I would put this in the realm of knowing your shadow, which can only be done indirectly.  You might have intuitions and inklings, but it’s not like a big booming voice will yell in your ear “You will be the president of the United States some day!” 

By the time I had finished reading the first paragraph,  I had decided to share my thoughts on the subject.  Before each incarnation, an oversoul/ overself/ source self  creates goals and makes plans for the life, and that information is hidden from the conscious mind of the soul facet that grounds into the body.  For the soul to consciously know of what experiences to expect during the life would invite sabotage or even outright refusal to take the embodiment.  Of course, bits and pieces can be revealed during a lifetime to those who are spiritually attuned.  More information can sometimes be gained via Life Between Lives session as facilitated by Michael Newton, Ph.D. and others.  Just do an Internet search. However, any reader who feels disconnected and wonders, “Why am I living this life, why am I here?” is advised to first consciously and intentionally surrender to Divine will for one’s life—the life plan designed for the embodiment.  It is not “cast in stone,” and there is a measure of free will (that of the average human being about 45% of maximum).  And then seek to establish and maintain a strong and healthy spiritual connection with oversoul/ overself/ source self.  Plug in, turn on, and commune.  So doing can be comforting in times of stress and greatly beneficial. 

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