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Saturday, November 28, 2015


ovember 28, 2015

Someone reported to me recently that he/she has been diagnosed with a cyst on his/her liver.  In general, liver issues are about anger—although there can be a variety of other causes contributing, including genetic.  However, when advising people how to participate in the healing/clearing of liver issues, I advise to focus first on neutralizing  and transmuting and transforming anger (and an individual may not even be aware of deep-seated anger)  This is where we the Angel-Light Team begin when addressing anger issues.

The first step is NEUTRALIZING (a very important word) all anger. The second step is TRANSMUTING & TRANSFORMING all anger into LOVE.  Anger can be obvious or only suspected, and even deeply embedded at the cellular level.  Anger can be a carryover or bleedthrough from other soul lives (aka past and future lives). Anger can be from a fragment/facet of the Oversoul, or one of the personalities of the current embodiment.  One can also be carrying the anger of another person (a biggie than many people don’t even consider).

I address it for my own self to cover all possibilities. A short version is:  "I Am [your name]. In the name of Christ, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power and authority of my Divine I Am Spirit Presence, I [your name] Decree I Am, neutralizing all anger and transmuting and transforming all anger into love--throughout my hologram-- on a full and permanent basis--now."  A longer version is: "I Am [your name].  In the name of Christ, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power and authority of my Divine I Am Spirit Presence, I [your name] Decree I Am, neutralizing all anger that me and mine have created and are creating, and all anger that intruders in my space have created and are creating, and transmuting and transforming all that anger into Love--on a full and permanent basis--now."   One or both can be used daily to cover all bases. The beauty of these two decrees/affirmations is they can be used for other issues—such as cancer, sadness, distrust, etc. 

It is to keep in mind, however, that also addressing possible core and root causes is important.   In the “Dis-ease Analysis” of the Angel-Light Team, we search the auric field for location and also look for possible causes and the percentage each cause found is causing the dis-ease.  For example, distrust may be caused by childhood abandonment and/or abuse. There are about thirty causes we consider initially.

I Am Angel-Light Love of Texas. Through this physical embodiment, we the Angel-Light Team have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. Our ministry, currently named Healing Love Lighthouse, became official in 1990.  Healing Love Lighthouse isn't a fee-for-services ministry, but a heart-centered ministry supported by donations to Angel-Light Love. If this article has benefited you in some way, please consider supporting the health and wellbeing of Angel-Light using the link on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com or directly to Angel-Light Love at the address on site (funds, Amazon gift cards, Walmart shopping cards).  May all be well with you.  May there be plenty for you. 

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