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Monday, November 23, 2015


November 23, 2015

I shared the following thoughts with a friend via email today.

What if, say, fifteen creator souls were assigned to populate the Milky Way Galaxy.  The souls they created of their own essence also created souls, and these souls created souls, etc.  The word I received as I was pondering this was "multitude."  Something I read this month got me to thinking.  Truth be told, I don't think we can know what is accurate.  However, the hierarchy of soul structures information that many people have received in the last hundred years, including Jane Roberts, author of the Seth books, support this.  There are slight variations among the different hierarchy systems/diagrams that I've seen and received, but nothing major. In other words, there's a common thread. My recent thinking didn't present new info to me (except for perhaps the number fifteen, if I understood it correctly), but it just seemed to set itself out neatly. All these souls have lived/are living in various venues, in various forms, even perhaps as planetary souls, such as what we call the Earth Mother.  There are many people, including Tom T. Moore of www.thegentlewaybook.com, who allegedly communicate with the Soul of this planet, to ask questions and receive answers.  

If we take our focus away from the souls and peoples, etc. of Planet Earth, and give it to the Milky Way Galaxy, then we can understand the schematics better, I think.  People focusing on just the Planet Earth (which is sometimes called "a prison planet") miss some important things, seems to me.  So thinking one is a citizen of Planet Earth is limited thinking.  Knowing one's expanded Soul Self as a citizen of the galaxy feels right to me.  In this way, I can be more aware, more cognizant of soul dynamics and my own multidimentionality and my other lives.

Just thinking and sharing.

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