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Sunday, December 06, 2015


December 6, 2015

I read an article recently about a career military man who had served in Iraq and a couple of other places. For some reason, I read every word of the article rather than scan it, which I usually do with articles about violence—if I read them at all. He had killed men, including up close.  War-ing took a toll on him, and he left the military, already suffering negative effects.  He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and eventually committed suicide.  Sad story.  What really stood out for me was that he was having false memories, despite not having any serious head injuries.  During my reading, I had a recognition, a realization, a knowing that there were spirits attached to him that had been intensifying his suffering.   

When one is in a war zone, fighting, the spirits of people who die suddenly are often confused and attach to warriors who are nearby.  I discovered this when doing spirit releasement in the early years of my ministry.  Others whose healing work has included spirit releasement have come across the same thing.

After reading the article, I asked how many spirits were attached to the man when he died, and there were eleven—two of whom were also suffering from PTSD.  And they were suffering in one body. How sad. One day, perhaps spirit releasement will be part of the standard protocol for people with PTSD and mental illness.

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