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Thursday, February 18, 2016


February 18, 2016

While creating the “Higher Self Connection, Merging, Oneness” blog earlier today, I received clearly “Divine soul template.”  I didn’t recall using that term before, although I use the term “internal soul template” many times.  In case there was something I needed to learn or be reminded of, I did an internet search for “Divine soul template.”  The article at the top of the list, referencing an article of Kumari Mullin, was the only one that was applicable, but it wasn’t an exact match.  However, my “template” and her “blueprint” are the same.  

Kumari Mullin (www.kumanihealing.com) created “Your Original Divine Blueprint of the Soul Contains Amazing Transformation Healing” in December 2012.  She asks that if a reader wants to use her article, that this information be included:  “Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution.  An internationally recognized spiritual visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari empowers healers, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, and animal and health care professionals to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.” 

Here’s an excerpt from Kumari’s article: “Every single one of us has an original Divine Blueprint—or Soul-Print—the path and energetic template that our soul has planned for us when we entered this lifetime.  But, as we journey through our lives, experiencing some painful life lessons, it is easy to veer off the soul’s path and forget who we are. . .  .  we have accumulated so many distortions in our energy field from past hurts, disappointments, and traumas that we have begun to strongly identify with these negative imprints as who we are (or who we are not).  This creates difficulty in releasing the past and the beliefs that have shaped this limited and contracted version of Self.  Through accessing and activating our original Divine Soul-Print, we can connect with the full energetic template or schematic of the wisdom of our Soul for this incarnation. It is like a reboot to the Purest Potential of Who You Are as a Divine being having a human experience. . . . most of what we do experience can be released as it is not necessary for us to carry around with us forever. . . . Many years later, I noticed another healer offering a similar technique, and this always is so validating. It seems my path is to learn directly from Spirit, then I may receive some sort of validation down the road. It gives me great hope and encouragement on this often daunting path of a healer, that there are always new solutions, greater understanding, and Divine wisdom and intervention to support us.”

The information in Kumari’s full article wasn’t anything I didn’t already know (as a Metaphysical & Spiritual Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator of over 25 years), so I recognized that I needed to conference with my Angel-Light Team, Divine ones, etc. to get additional information.  Long story short is that releasing and clearing all that is not part of one’s Divine soul template results in fuller activation of one’s Divine soul template.  I initiated this clearing for my own self using the words I was provided. It never ceases to amaze me how one can benefit from addressing issues (known and unknown) from different perspectives, in new ways.

When initiating the Divine Reconnective Healing Process for people in the future, I’m putting the releasing and clearing of all that is not part of the Divine soul template at the very beginning because it covers a lot of basics and can eliminate the need to address many issues individually.  Meanwhile, perhaps the reader may want to ask his/her own Divine Support Team or All That Is for the releasing and clearing of all that is not part of his/her Divine soul template.  There are several possible basic formats, depending on one’s preferences, and we’ve shared these several times on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥. If need be, I can send the “Basics for Self-Clearing” handout document attached to email or via USPS upon request.

Here’s one recommendation.  Speak aloud:   “I Am [your name] of [your general location]. Universal all call for me and mine.”  Repeat that three times. Then pause for a moment. Next: “I Am [your name] of [your general location], a sovereign being. In the name of the Light [or Christ], I [your name] decree I Am asking for, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for the releasing and clearing of all that is not part of my Divine soul template and the full activation of my Divine soul template—on a full and permanent basis—now.”  It is important to do this at a time when you expect to be quiet and remain in one position for a while.  So it is to visit the toilet before and refrain from answering the phone during. 

I drafted this article by hand after I had initiated the releasing and clearing of all that is not part of my Divine soul template and the full activation of my Divine soul template and was experiencing that and didn’t want to interfere. Received some occasional input as to what was going on and felt better and better as I became more clear.  Still not finished, but that’s fine.  I discovered when conferencing about this subject that for people who many complex issues, it may take months to complete, but that would be unusual rather than the norm.  The releasing and clearing automatically allows the Divine soul template to activate more, but we include that request in the recommendation in the previous paragraph to ensure we’re covering all the bases.

Why not give this a try for yourself? If everyone on a list of about thirty people I checked has contaminants and corruptions (except for a baby of about the age of one year), then you probably do, too.

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