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Thursday, February 18, 2016


February 18, 2016

Before  beginning to write an article on this important subject, I retrieved some information from other sources on what the Higher Self actually is.  I do think it’s important to share information from other sources on various topics.

At www.orindaben.com, the site of two long-time spiritual teachers with whom I’ve been aware of for thirty or so years, there is an overview of the subject of Higher Self (aka Soul aka Divine Self).  Here’s an excerpt:   Orin, and many other guides and teachers, refer to the levels of your being using such words as higher self, soul, spirit, and Divine Self.  When Orin refers to the Divine Self, . . . he is referring to the source and essence of all life.  The Divine Self within you is eternal, infinite consciousness, free from all attachments and beyond all action; it is constant and unchanging, birthless and deathless.  This Self can only be known through a direct experience of It and cannot be known through the rational mind.  It is the Oneness from which all life comes, and to which all life returns. Out of the Oneness you were created as an individual.  Orin refers to your soul as that part of you that has individual consciousness, that is a bridge between the Divine Self and your personality. Your soul is a repository of all your lifetimes of experience, and grows as you grow.  It knows and expresses Divine Will and purpose, and makes this energy available to you, the personality.  Your soul's essence is love.  "Higher Self" is a term Orin uses to define when you, at the personality level, can express your soul's light and the light of the Divine Self through your words, thoughts, actions, and all that you are and do. . . . Orin refers to your soul as the part of you that is the link between your personality and your divine self. Your soul is light and its personality is pure love. Orin refers to the source of your being, the essence of you and your soul, as your spirit or Divine Self. . . .  Your higher self is a perfect instrument through which your soul can express itself on the earth plane. As your higher self, you carry out the purposes of your soul, instead of following the desires of your personality. You are being your higher self every time you align with your soul and carry out its goals. Orin felt that it was fine to work with both your soul and higher self interchangeably for the purposes of the work he was doing in the past and for what he wanted to accomplish. . . .

There’s an excellent article at www.wisdomsdoor.com  titled “The Monad: Your Soul, Your Higher-Self, Your Spirit.”   Here’s an excerpt: The person that you are and the person that you will become, when you are no longer physical is your spirit. The spirit is the nonphysical essence of the you that you know of as yourself. It is you without a physical body and free from time and space. The spirit, like all the other parts of your nonphysical self, is indestructible and free from the effects of aging, starvation, and exposure to the elements. This spirit is the closest you will come to your present physical individuality, once free of the body. . . . In the nonphysical, this spirit is merely one face of the multidimensional person that you really are. The next link upward in the chain is your higher-self. Your higher-self is your prototype, so to speak. This is the part of you that exhibits and possesses all of your best and most proficient qualities. Your higher-self is the person you should always ascribe to becoming. It is the person that you can evolve into, from your present perspective. This self is a being that is both separate and part of you. However, for argument's sake and clarification, we can say that your higher-self is what you will become, in the future, when you complete your evolving in the physical development system. Terms and references such as "Look to your higher-self for guidance" or "See what your higher-self will do" all refer to this self that has learned all that is knowable within physical reality and possesses the wisdom to show for it. Touching your higher-self is like opening up the complete encyclopedia to human knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  Continuing upward one notch is the Soul. . . . To your Soul you are like a child: one child of many, in fact. A Soul is an energy essence, which takes under its wing, many selves to nurture and care for. These many selves are various aspects of the one Soul, so there exists a direct connection between each self within that group Soul. When people use the term soulmate, they are referring to two individuals that are under the wing of the same Soul.  Soulmates are like close family members but connect personality wise in ways that you do not comprehend. . . . The Soul itself is the caring, nurturing force that directly shapes and molds these various soulmates. Your Soul helps you to become that higher-self you ascribe to be. Your Soul is the force you should reach to when seeking any guidance or aid related to your present growth. Your Soul cares for you as a mother but does that caring in a way that a teacher cares for her students. [Angel-Light Note:  What is described is also referred to as the Oversoul.]

We find in Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.com):  Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self. . . . Each and every individual has a Higher Self.  The Higher Self is generally regarded as a form of being only to be recognized in a union with a divine source.

Higher Self or Soul or Oversoul aka Soul Source—whichever term you wish to use, or even a combination of all three, the attuning to, aligning with, connecting with, merging with, becoming one with, and embodying of Divine is a goal to be sought after and a condition to be maintained (and it does require maintenance).  Unfortunately, various contaminants and corruptions can interfere with and even block Divine connection.  We find these in the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis and deal with them in various sections of the Divine Reconnective Healing Process.

Most of us are all one with our Divine to varying degrees—minimally, maximally, and all levels in between. However, if we wish to maximize, setting intent is the first step. Decrees/Affirmations are a means of requesting/asking.  When we decree/affirm, we are creating (as much as allowed by our Divine spiritual hierarchy). It is recommended that all the bases be covered.  Begin with “I Am [your name] of [your general location], a sovereign being.  I [your name] decree I Am to, attuning to, aligning with, connecting with, merging with, becoming one with, and embodying Higher Self—on a full and permanent basis—now.”  It isn’t recommended that Oversoul be substituted for Higher Self in this decree/affirmation—not until a lengthy measure of time has passed (weeks—not hours).  Some will have the ability to sense that they are one with Higher Self, in which case, moving on to becoming one with Oversoul/Soul Source would be the next step.  Some of us want to embody the Christed frequencies, in which case the following decree/affirmation is recommended: “I Am [your name] of [your general location], a sovereign being.  I [your name] decree I Am attuning to, aligning with, connecting with, merging with, and becoming one with the Christed Consciousness, and embodying the Christed frequencies—on a full and permanent basis—now.” 

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