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Friday, April 08, 2016


April 8, 2016

Words and phrases used are very important in spiritual and metaphysical healing. Many times, I will address particular issues for an individual in various ways using different words and methods, so my ears perk up when I’m listening to others talk on the Internet and something different is mentioned.  This happened again recently.

A supporter friend had sent me the link to a half-hour video. I listened to the interview two times while doing other things.  If I had given it my undivided attention the first time (and in this case I should have), I wouldn’t have needed to listen to it again. Anyway, the definition of demon offered up by the man being interviewed caught my attention: “a service-to-self entity that is cut off from God [Divine/Source] . . . fallen.”    This “cut off from God [Divine/Source]” struck me as so very, very sad that tears formed. 

And then I remembered something that happened many years ago.  When I facilitated the redemption, the return to God [Divine/Source] of what appeared as an angel and was identified as a “fallen angel,” it was one of my most beautiful, feel-good experiences ever. The gratitude of the angel was palpable.   

So, after hearing this definition of “demon,” I thought about focusing on helping them return to God [Divine/Source] rather than focusing on assisting the people whose bodies are hosting demons—in a compassionate, non-judgmental fashion. I conferenced with my Team to get the words to use when so doing and settled on “rescuing all demons being hosted by the body of [name of individual] and returning them safely to the sanctity of the Godhead for their redemption.”  Later, when doing this, one demon asked for different words, which were acceptable--something about the throne of God, the right hand of the throne of God (forget the exact words). I complied.

To back up, I made lists of various individuals—one with some government officials and presidential candidates, another with individuals who live in the senior citizen community where I live and other acquaintances, and another with people on the current list.  Then I proceeded to check each person on the lists by asking, “Using the definition that a demon is a service-to-self entity that is cut off from God/Source/Divine, is it true and correct that the body of [individual’s name] is hosting one or more demons?”  I then asked for the number of demons being hosted by that person’s body.  I realize that there are degrees/percentages of disconnection, but I didn’t want to get that specific in this particular investigation. I then asked for the percentage of possession, occupation, and use of the individual’s body by demons (using the definition in this article).  I was given additional information by my Team about some of the people on my lists. Just for information purposes, the bodies of the people with the most demons (as defined in this article) weren’t necessarily the most possessed, occupied, and used.

I said to myself that I had no intention of addressing the issues of politicians and many others on the list, and then I remembered that my focus wasn’t to be on the people but on the demons (as defined in this article) rather than the people.  So let’s just say that demons being hosted by politicians and acquaintances aren’t my top priority at this time. 

The next step was assisting the demons (defined as service-to-self entities that are cut off from God/Divine/Source) by rescuing all demons being hosted by the body of each individual and returning them safely to the sanctity of the Godhead for their redemption (except for the one demon mentioned above who asked for the different but similar words). Very interesting.  Throughout the processing of demons, I was occasionally given useful information about individuals. What comes to mind at the moment is that one female’s demon issue was a family (multigenerational) thing, which isn’t uncommon.

When I mentioned that I would wait until another time to help the demons being hosted by the bodies of the next group of people, I was given that we had the means to proceed with that group immediately.  However, I wanted to rest and do something unrelated, so I promised that we will assist the next group in a day or two.

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