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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


There have been people who discount reincarnation of the soul and hypothesize that the recalls and memories are actually of the body's genetic lineage (lives of ancestors). That seems plausible--except it doesn't explain recollections/recalls of recent lives as individuals of other races (a pale-skinned Anglo recalling a life as an African slave in the antebellum USA, for example).  Other people insist that a person who remembers or recalls a life during a session must have read about that life in a book or article or seen a movie with the subject matter in previous years.  Well, many times the lives are recalled in great detail, and the individual undergoing regression feels as if he/she is the person and experiencing the life rather than just witnessing.  So the discussion pro and con past lives continues, with each side postulating and making claims.  Others of us don't engage in such dialogues because we know from personal recall and experience.  For that matter, some of us know of our future lives.  Here in linear third dimension/density, there are past and future lives.  In holographic realities, in non-linear densities/dimensions, the lives are generally all occurring at the same time.

Over the years, I've been shown various lives of other people who have requested assistance from the Angel-Light Team and some people who haven't.  I have been able to ask about lives that I the Soul have experienced with certain other people so as to better understand our relationships, and have been shown lives one by one.  When I gain sufficient clarity, I stop the show. No need to go further.

I remember experiencing a slide show of Soul faces once many years ago when I wondered about the lives of a man I had been dramatically and energetically involved with, especially the lives we had shared.  When I looked at a photo of the man and asked, the slide show began--with faces of the Soul and even full body and scene images appearing rapidly on my mind screen, one right after the other, then slowing down and even stopping when there was a life we had shared.  I don't remember many details after all these years, but one image I was shown comes to mind. One of us was a ship's captain and the other his cabin boy.  We were outside, and the captain was showing the boy how to use a looking glass that brought the distance closer.  I gathered information about some of the lives in which we were close or interacted a lot, but there were too many to go into much depth.

All my self-clearing/healing is for the Soul/Oversoul group--no just the Soul facet occupying this body-mind unit. Recently, after I initiated some self-work and laid me down and closed the eyes, a fast-moving slide show began--mostly human faces and upper torsos, but a few non-humanoid in appearance.  I knew them to be faces of my Soul/Oversoul--other lives lived.

I can ask about and be shown pertinent images/information about Soul lives of those who inquire. However, there must be a valid reason for so doing. Just wanting to know isn't a good enough reason. An exception to that qualifier is the simple Soul Lives  Reading for basic information that the Angel-Light Team provides.  Included, among other things, are locations/themes, religions, means of death, male and female lives, etc.  Having basic information can give clues to the present life.  For example, dancing has been a theme of many of my (Soul/Oversoul) lives in the past several hundred years. I have never been a professional dancer or danced much in public in this life, but I know about the dancing theme because of memories and images.  I'm especially fond of the life as a black-haired, pale-skinned, thin ballet dancer who also waltzed at social events  I'm swaying in my seat and smiling as I reveal this information.

Perhaps the reader could use the information provided by the Angel-Light Team in a Soul Lives Reading as a basis for self-discovery and/or input of others.

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