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Monday, April 25, 2016


April 25, 2016

The featured article of the April e-newsletter of Michael Mirdad (www.grailproductions.com) is titled “Getting Our Priorities Straight.”  I first made the acquaintance of Michael Mirdad about 25 years ago when he began coming to Dallas to teach and hold sessions.  At this time, Michael is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author. He has worked as a healer and counselor for over 30 years and is the author of several best-selling books, including:  “The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path” and “You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!” and “Healing the Heart & Soul” and  “An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality” and “Creating Fulfilling Relationships” (his latest).  Michael currently offers an online course, “Awakening the Inner Christ.”  He continues to offer workshops where and when guided to do so.

I want to share an excerpt from “Getting Our Priorities Straight” here, and I recommend going to www.grailproductions.com to read the full article in the April 2016 newsletter.

“. . . Some people believe they are committed to the spiritual path but the reality is that they are actually committed only to whatever seems convenient for them on the spiritual path, which can include numerous forms of self-deception such as attending a gathering or a group so they can look good to others but never really applying what they learned. What's worse is that these types of people also rarely demonstrate change in their life, their addictions, or their behaviors. They were shallow before they were on the path and they remain shallow now. The only difference is that now they appear to be deeper.  If it's true that all of life's events are a test for us (and I assure you they are) AND if connecting with Spirit is the most important thing in the world (and I assure you it is), then it stands to reason that all of life's tests are about getting ourselves closer to God. By default, all else is a distraction and a potential detour away from our goal of oneness with God.”

“It's not to say we can't have a nice time while we are here but the point is to get our priorities straight.  This applies to both our personal and our spiritual priorities. Our spiritual priorities (which includes involving ourselves with as many spiritual experiences as possible) supersedes all else-including our personal priorities. Setting a spiritual priority can be as simple as starting and ending the day with communion with God, rather than merely having a blank mind or obsessing on the issues of life. Our personal priorities include making it a priority to go to a gym instead of a bar OR spending time with a counselor instead of with an affair. Choosing to create greater personal priorities is actually a great way to connect with and honor our spiritual priorities and actually mirrors placing a greater priority on God. Improving our personal priorities includes making it a priority to go to a gym instead of a bar OR spending time with a counselor instead of with an affair.  We should all ask ourselves what it is that we allow to get in our way of reaching the spring of life. For some people, the distractions can be as shallow as a favorite television show, a romantic date, or going to a sporting event. Don't get me wrong, these things are great to do if that's your thing but only if they are seen as less of a priority than one's spiritual path. Some even make excuses like claiming that going to a sporting event IS a "spiritual experience" for them. Nice try but it doesn't fly. Yes, we can gain something spiritual from nearly any experience but we need to make it a priority to participate in experiences that are so filled with Spirit, it would be nearly impossible to not have a spiritual experience when we attend--events such as healing circles, Sunday services, Solstice Celebrations, and so forth.”

“So consider being honest about all things in life including your spiritual path. We need to stop justifying our petty hobbies, addictions, and distractions as having any real importance. We can go ahead and do them if we must, but we should call them what they are and must dare not confuse them with the real path Home.”

Because of an altered state of consciousness experience many years ago on a different timeline or in a different life or a journey to another realm (whichever), I recognize Michael Mirdad as one of the expressions of a Soul that is an Ascended Master.  He is truly a Master Teacher who teaches at the level each of his audiences as a whole can best understand (and they are not all the same).  To learn more about Michael and/or find dates for his upcoming workshops and/or schedule a private session, go to www.grailproductions.com.

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