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Saturday, November 12, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, November 12, 2016
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Some readers may have learned the information in this article many years ago, as I did, but I have found that reviewing my learning can be beneficial. Besides that, who remembers everything they learn? Not me!

When you decree and affirm with “I Am” and, to a lesser degree, with “I’m,” (especially aloud), your being and your universe shifts and changes.  And your angels, crew, staff, support team, etc. seek to accommodate you and assist (as long as your decree or affirmation is congruent with your plan for this life).  If you haven’t made use of decrees and affirmations to effect change regularly, it may take some time for your spiritual assistance to come on board and begin assisting.

Begin each affirmation with, “I Am [your name], a Sovereign Soul, and I Am” (emphasizing the “I Am”). If you prefer decrees, begin each with, “I Am [your name], a Sovereign Soul, and I [your name] decree and declare I Am” (emphasizing the “I Am”).  Ending decrees and affirmation with “easily and effortlessly” can make changes easier (but not always). Of course, “now” is always used at the end.  You might want to end with, “on a full and permanent basis—now.”  Sometimes adding “throughout my totality” is appropriate; other times it may not be, so use these words carefully.

So how do you effect change using decrees and affirmations (or even just affirm and reinforce)?  You use action verbs, for one thing. Some people continue to recommend to affirm and decree as if something is already accomplished. The problem with that is your subconscious knows the truth and puts up resistance.  Yes, it’s much easier to assume you are a “work in progress” and use action verbs. 

I realized this morning that I was carrying a heavy load of fear and grief currently in the collective consciousness of the USA.  I affirmed “neutralizing all fear and grief within and around me and mine” (with the usual beginning and an ending).  I also affirmed “transmuting and transforming all fear and grief within and around me and mine into happy Healing Love Energy” (again, with the usual beginning and an ending).  When I find my mood depressed, which has happened several times in the last week, I affirm “shifting into joy.”  Getting off my seat and on my feet and moving my body to dance workout music makes a big difference, too. Sometimes I do both at the same time.

When I find myself uncomfortable because I’m all caught up in 3D reality (like this week), I affirm “shifting into 5th and  7th dimension/density consciousness and beyond” and “ascending into higher consciousness, ascending into higher love.”  When being targeted by foreign negatives, I affirm “rising above, rising in love” and “disengaging from all foreign negatives” and “disengaging from all dark-hearted ones” (among other things).  When I feel my energy needs clearing, “I affirm “releasing, clearing, and banishing all contaminants within my hologram.”

 When you discover that you have “unconsciously” decreed and affirmed and shifted into negativity (whether silently or orally), such as, “I’m sick,” immediately follow it with “neutralize, cancel, delete.”

There is so much more to share on this subject, but that would be a very long chapter in a book with small print, some of which may come to the mind of the reader.

PS:  Why so many issues for me this week?  DT was elected president of the USA.  

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