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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, February 22, 2017
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

This piece is related to the article titled “Forgiveness of Self & Others” posted February 22, 2017 on the Angel-Light Beamer because both are about healing of the being throughout eternity.

Late last year, I came across an article about recalling and retrieving fragments.  I don’t know the source, but I suspect it came from www.soul-healer.com.   Whether or not that is the case, I have explored the site somewhat and am of the opinion that’s a good resource for people interested in spiritual healing. I’m already familiar with much of the subject matter I saw, including soul retrieval, but I can learn from the perspective of other healers.  What caught my attention in the article was parts and portions of the soul and psyche and energy all being called fragments.  So I read.  It was claimed that the average person can have thousands of fragments scattered throughout eternity (my own words, except for “thousands”). Thousands!  Wow!  Then I ruminated and asked for guidance on this and related matters, developing prayers based on the information that occurred to me and guidance.

The result was several prayers, which I’ll share here.  I start my prayers with “I Am Angel-Light,” and  I begin with “in the name of Christ.”  Some people might prefer to begin with “in the name of the Light” or a variation of one or both. Then it is to decide to whom one is directing the prayers.  We have written about this often over the years.  One can speak “I Am asking you Great Spirit” or “I Am asking you My Divine” or “I Am invoking immediate Direct Divine Intervention.”  If one speaks “I [your name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for the,” then one would need to change the verb tenses of the prayers below accordingly.  The reader might think of other words to communicate these requests.  (I know of others.)

Here are the prayers developed:

--to retrieve and return and purify and integrate all my energy body material that is in the energy bodies of others, and to release all energy body material of other 3D humans and lower astral negative entities from my energy body, purify it all, and return it all to its sources—now please.  [Take a slow, deep breath.] Thank you!

--to locate all fragments of my psyche, my soul, and my energy that are within and around others and detrimental to these others; to retrieve and purify these fragments; and to return these fragments to me and mine and integrate them—now please. [Take a slow, breath.]  Thank you!

--to disengage and dislodge from me and mine any and all fragments of the psyches, souls, and energies of others that are undesirable and that are harmful and that are hostile and that are abusing and that are oppressing and that are violating and that are interfering and that are demonic; to return these to their original clear light forms; to banish these into the healing and transforming light of the central sun; to repair all damage and heal all wounds caused by these; and to fill and surround me with Healing Love-Light Energy and the Light of Christ--now please. [Take a slow, deep breath.]  Thank you!

--to locate any and all fragments of my psyche, my soul, and my energy that have been stolen and misappropriated and marginalized; to neutralize, disable, deactivate, disengage, obliterate and dispose of all camouflage and energy barriers and containment barriers that have been holding these fragments; to retrieve and purify these fragments; to return these fragments to me and integrate them appropriately; and to disengage and neutralize the perpetrators as far as me and mine are concerned—now please.  [Take a slow, deep breath.] Thank you!

I shared these prayers with a handful of supporters over the last several weeks, with some other important, basic prayers, and have received some good feedback. Personally, when I asked how many fragments of my soul, psyche, and energy were out there somewhere throughout eternity, there were over a thousand, but not the several thousands the author of the article mentioned.  Needless to say, there was some retrieving to be done, and I got right on it. As with simple soul retrieval, I was aware that it might not be possible to retrieve all such fragments, and there are several possible reasons that might be the case.  However, addressing the issue of missing fragments could only be beneficial. It has taken weeks, but I’m down to about 37 the last I checked.  

I’ve noticed I feel different and I no longer want to consume the same-old-same-old foods.  I still don’t have any desire for animal flesh, though (in case anyone is wondering).  I’ve also noticed that I feel even less “at home” in this space-time/time-space than before, and that my current apartment seems somewhat strange to me.  And there are too many complications with just living. I’m more sensitive to atrocities and related matters as reported in/by/on the media. On the whole, this society in which I live (USA) seems unfair, cruel, and unnatural.

However, overall, I feel lighter in body, mind, and spirit and more powerful.  Now if only 25 or so pounds of body weight (gathered over about 15 years) would magically melt away.

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