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Sunday, March 26, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
March 26, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

While ruminating with, I admit, some frustration over someone who calls herself my friend after about a year and a half of association (at least once a month), guidance instructed, “Be yourself.”  You see, because she was closed to various topics, I withheld much of myself. Reading my articles doesn’t seem to be of interest to her.  Nevertheless, I suggested that to learn more about me (my true self), she could go read the 2004 and 2005 blogs. Many of these are inspirational rather than informational and instructional,  It came to me to begin re-sharing some of those early blogs.  I decided just then to create a new article with parts of early articles.

Excerpt from “Messenger of God,” June 2, 2005:  This week I was reading in J. Donald Walters' autobiography (The Path: One Man's Quest On The Only Path There Is, Crystal Clarity Publishers, 1996), when I had a beneficial experience. Walters (aka Swami Kriyananda) describes how he had an inspiration that made it easier for him to change his circumstances, learn languages, etc. The inspiration came when he needed to learn Greek to take a test in college. He told himself (with strong feeling), "You are a Greek," and he began finding himself in tune with Greek ways of thinking and speaking. He studied Greek grammar and vocabulary for two hours, soaking it up like a sponge (and aced the test). This was the first of many times he made use of this method of attunement. At a pause in my reading, I found myself saying aloud, "I am an angel." Before I could wonder where that "came from," my body began vibrating as it realigned with that reality, and the thought "Messenger of God" came into my mind. Over the years, when writing or speaking “I Am an Agent of the Light Force of Archangel Michael,” the word “angel” has often replaced the word “agent” without my consciously intending it.  I know people who are "angels incarnate" [of various types] and don't care what people think (and there's even a Yahoo group), but I have resisted the label "angel" out of concern for the reactions of people who don't understand, people who are steeped in dogma and closed to higher levels of awareness. Also, I tend to be humble--not wanting to be anyone's guru, wanting to teach others how instead. About twelve years ago, I was with a gal in a mall food court (of all places) when she received her angel wings (an anointing). And yes, I do have my own angel wings. They've been broken, ripped, and torn over the years since I began my mission but sooner or later they are always repaired and restored.

Excerpt from “My Angel Body,” May 9, 2005:  Had an interesting experience recently. I became so "sleepy" in the middle of the afternoon that I could not hold my eyes open, so I laid me down and closed the eyes. Immediately went into an altered state of consciousness and saw my human body. I was stunned to see an angel with eyes closed being pulled out of the body in the head and shoulders area by several other angels. She was left partly in the body while the body was swept by others. Then she was gently replaced back in the body. When this happened, I felt a flood of tears falling down my cheeks, and I realized I had been observing an aspect of my own angel soul self. The human body felt lighter and clearer after that, and I opened my eyes and went about my business. I shared this experience with one of my Yahoo groups and received an interesting response from a female who seems to live somewhere other than the U.S. (and who hasn't been a group member very long). She said that after she read my posting she felt the need to share her experiences of recent weeks with me. Apparently, I have been visiting with her and teaching her when her body is asleep for about two weeks now. She didn't know who it was until she awoke hearing my name a few days ago. She said that what we discuss has great meaning. She's been going through a difficult situation for some time now, and said I've been teaching her, helping her. She described "my spirit" as a kind, loving spirit, who loves to teach others. She said I instructed her (and very firmly) to follow the laws of the universe in the situation. She ended her post with: "Angel-Light Love, I thank you for coming to me and telling me how to remember! Your spirit is a very joyous, loving spirit."  Over the years since I descended into this human body-mind unit and began my mission, people have reported that I have visited them to teach and also to heal. I have actual memory of visiting people who had sought out my assistance and scanning and questioning their bodies to determine the problem. Also, people have reported visitations from angels who said they were from Angel-Light and were there to check them out (before healing sessions).

Excerpt from “Professional Angel,” June 7, 2005:  Once years ago, I was taken out of my body for a demonstration of what is intervention and what is interference in people's lives. Another angel was my guide/teacher. The memory of the example of interference has faded over time, but I do remember we intervened for a man who was blindfolded with hands bound and being led out of a motel room or apartment at night in the inner city by two men with guns. Just one of many angelic adventures!

Excerpt from “Angel’s Creed,” July 6, 2005:  About fifteen years ago [over 25 years ago now in 2017], the person in whose home I was staying for a few weeks noticed me reading one of the books from her shelves. She gave it to me, saying that she had sponsored the author's visit to North Central Texas, and the book was a gift to her, but that she couldn't identify with it at all. I identified greatly with “Passing the Torch: The Way of the Avatar,” and I regret that I've lost the book and the author's name [Current Note: Carol Bell Knight, 1985]. The author commented that if you find yourself reading the book, identifying with the information, and not wanting to put it down, then you are an angel incarnate. Yes! Yes! Yes! I included  the words of "The Angel's Creed" from the book and also made a document, but I'm ashamed to admit that I have not followed them well over the years, with the result that we have been harmed and have suffered a lot. . . . [Current Note:  If you want to read all the words of the “Angel’s Creed,” see this blog article.  If you know or suspect you are an angel incarnate, then Carol’s book is still available.  Just google the title and her name.]

Living as human has become more and more difficult, and we angels hide out in the heart chakra much (but not all) of the time (something a shamanic healer also discovered a year or so ago) to keep safe, coming out as needed to facilitate/minister, and allowing the human personality to cope with the metaphysical abuse by dark hearts and the mundane tasks of living. The body is now 71 years of age, so deliverance and home-going is something to which we can look forward.

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