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Saturday, March 25, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, March 25, 2017
on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Bernhard Guenther reported on Facebook that he has often been asked: "What distinctions or markers exist when researching and seeking a spiritual healer or energy worker, etc?" His response is lengthy, but here's the first part, which is the most important (and the remainder being more his preferences):

I go by my intuition mainly and watch for “red flags”. For example, if someone is putting a LOT of energy and focus on marketing and promoting him/herself and making all kinds of promises, trying too hard to “sell” his/her services with lots of emphasis on being a “healer” (not understanding that a true “healer” doesn’t heal people but helps them to heal themselves) or a guru/savior self-importance attitude/identification is coming through, it’s already a “turn off” for me. Some people have more marketing skills than actually knowledge and experience of the work they are doing (for example, having attended just a few weekend-style workshops with questionable "certifications" and now believe they are a "healer"). If the person is not aware of the hyperdimensional matrix and occult forces and their modus operandi then it is also a “no go” for me [emphasis added]…in my position anyway.

From reading articles on the Angel-Light Beamer strangers might think that I know little, if anything, about the hyperdimensional matrix and occult forces.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I just haven’t elected to share much of my knowledge of the subject (and I don’t know it all, of course) and experiences related thereto. Many years ago, when I awoke to my mission and began my ministry (and even a few years before), I received hints about what was ahead, but I had no conscious idea how I would be a target of dark forces and the controllers who hijacked and took over this planetary experiment.  For example, early on a guy who was moving out of town gifted me with a gargoyle (said to keep away evil spirits).  Another person gave me a small metal crucifix.  An advanced teacher visiting one of her students in North Central Texas recommended a basic primer on magic written decades prior, saying I would be needing it. I bought the book but decided to rely on prayer.  On and on and on.  I’ve learned a lot by being a target which has trained me to be of assistance to others who deal with abuse of various intensity by dark forces.  There can be backlash—some of it very intense.  The first time I experienced backlash was about 1990 when I had so much compassion for a man who was a warrior of Archangel Michael on the front lines, and who was majorly a target, that I actually did some old-fashioned praying for him before I went to sleep one night. Overnight I experienced terrible nightmares of people I loved being killed, including children.  I had never experienced bad nightmares until then (and haven’t since).  That revealed to me how very much the controllers wanted to take him out of circulation.  I knew, but I really didn’t until then.

This last year I’ve been focusing more on teaching people how to personally deal with spiritual and metaphysical abuse so as to help themselves and others. 

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