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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
An Instrument of Divine, Seeking to Serve
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
May 25, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

Many, many years ago, when I began hearing and reading the words of others recommending the white light (ray) for protection from negativity and hostility, it didn’t feel quite right to me, but I went along—at least until inner guidance was to use golden light instead.  I didn’t want to upset anyone over that, so I began recommending a golden white light instead.  My inner knowing was/is that the light of Christ/Christ Consciousness is radiant golden light. With the Internet, I began seeing that others had the same knowing and knew I could write about the golden light of Christ without arousing strong disagreement from anyone.

There is much more information on the Internet about the golden light of Christ/Christ Consciousness these days than when I first began using the Internet.  Just doing a search (and I prefer google) of “golden light of Christ” and “golden light of Christ Consciousness” will uncover a lot.  I met Eric Raines of www.unleashingnaturalhumanity.com on Facebook.  I was delighted to discover Eric and Team.  You see, Eric has a team of angels who work with him.  Who else do you know who works with a team of angels?  (New readers, you can find out in the paragraph near the end of this article that begins “in service.”) Eric and Team provide both local and remote assistance—just as we have over the years. One of the services of Eric is Golden Frequency Attunement, described as follows: “Together we will activate your energy body to become stronger and more in alignment with the golden Christ-consciousness energy.” 

Those of us on the ascension path want to live on/at our highest frequency and hold our highest vibration. As far as I’m concerned, working with the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness greatly facilitates so doing.

Another service of Eric and Team is [energy] Implant/Parasite Removal.  In a local or remote session, Eric will run you through some breathing/clearing techniques and tune into your energy. He will pinpoint the (energy) parasites in your energy/physical body along with the symptoms of them, then pinpoint the energy flow dysfunction in the meridian systems of the body, shift to the physical and pinpoint dysfunctional organs and blockages in the lymphatic system, then see if your neural networking is operating optimally. Once everything is pinpointed, Eric and Team will go through and remove, restore, rejuvenate and clear everything they have identified. 

More information about the work of Eric Raines is available at www.unleashingnaturalhumanity.com. I recommend reading the “About” section first, which begins: “Humanity has been imprisoned on this planet for the past 26,000-year zodiac cycle. The entities that have imprisoned us have separated themselves completely from Prime Creator, and are not sustained on divine light like everything else in the positively oriented polarity.”  This is “common knowledge” for many people on the ascension path.

I highly recommend the articles on Eric’s site.  If this information is new to you, just read/scan and file the information with which you don’t resonate in your computer brain because it may come in handy in the future, perhaps as a few pieces of your reality puzzles (and the realities of most of us shift and change). Read, study, learn, grow, ascend.

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the healing and wellbeing of people around the world for over 25 years. How can we assist you?  If you wish to express your appreciation for the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ articles and our ministry with a Love Donation, methods for so doing are in the “Your Support is Appreciated” section in the right column at https://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com

May all be well with you!  May there be plenty for you!

Angel-Light Love of Texas
A Minister of Divine, Seeking to Serve
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
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