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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
An Instrument of Divine, Seeking to Serve
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
June 7, 2017  on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I subscribe to the newsletter of Michael Mirdad put out by Grail Productions (www.grailproductions.com). Michael is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author. He has worked as a healer and counselor for over 30 years and is the author of the best-selling books, The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path; You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!; Healing the Heart & Soul; An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality; Creating Fulfilling Relationships; The Heart of A Course in Miracles; and The Book of Love and Forgiveness. He has also been the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona, Arizona for over six years. Michael is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time and for his ability to share the deepest teachings in a clear, applicable manner. Michael’s web site is www.michaelmirdad.com.   

I first met Michael Mirdad in this life in the early 1990s when he led a conference at a Richardson, Texas hotel organized by Annie & Byron Kirkwood.  Hundreds attended, and it was quite successful.  In exchange for the registration fee, I (and some others) volunteered.  My gig was the table selling books, tapes, CDs, etc. of Michael, the musicians, etc. during the first session.  I felt so very alive with light, and I realized that was the reason I attended the conference—not to go to some of the various sessions/classes offered.  So that’s where I sat (mostly) for about 2 ½ days.  It seemed that least half of the people in attendance came to the table and hugged my person—many more than once. I have photo with Michael and one of the entertainers, and the light is obvious. It was a Divine light overlay of an ascended being, and it was a couple days after the conference before it faded away.

Michael Mirdad has returned to North Central Texas many times since that conference.  During those first years, I attended some of his classes and gatherings.  However, what stands out in my memory is a flashover I had to an existence in another realm (awake in broad daylight).  I walked up to a “cottage” or cabin in a wooded area.  I saw through a window that a man and two women were inside and recognized one as Michael and an “Ascended Master” (although not in his body of this life as Michael Mirdad).  The women I recognized as his two assistants who also attended the conference (again, not in their this-life bodies).  I was warmly welcomed and visited a while.  They knew and I knew that I wasn’t to stay and work with them at their sanctuary.  All in love. 

My reality doesn’t 100% match Michael’s reality, of course, but it aligns closely. I’d like to share the newsletter article here.

May 30, 2017
Michael Mirdad - www.michaelmirdad.com

There are basically three types of people on earth: Those who are asleep, oblivious to the deeper meaning of life; those who are waking-up and are attempting to experience some greater form of spirituality or self-awareness; and those who are far enough along on the spiritual path to become Living Masters.

To become a “Living Master” does not mean we are “perfect” or that we are a guru, a swami, or someone who wears a turban, nor is a living master to be confused with an “Ascended Master”—one who has completed their lessons on earth and has broken their ties to karma and the belief in the illusion of being separate from God. These Masters from the Far East or “Ascended” Masters, such as Saint Germain certainly deserve a great deal of respect, but rarely offer practical ideas on how the average person can live or experience mastery on a day-to-day level—especially in the western world.

Therefore, instead of thinking of Mastery as being something ethereal or attained only by a few individuals, we can instead learn to reach, and live in, a state of Mastery all the time. Living Mastery does not mean we only experience this level of consciousness while living in a monastery, temple, or retreat. Instead, to LIVE Mastery means just that . . . we aspire to live the principles every day, in every place, and in every way.

What does this look like? Does it mean having a strict, vegetarian diet or practicing extreme forms of poverty and abstinence? Does it mean we have to be from India or shave our head or wear a robe? Does being a Master mean we have people bow at our feet or call us by a special name or title?

These may have been accurate descriptions for people of the past (or people of today following customs from the past) but Masters of today are usually not easily discernible from the average person on the street. People will not know our commitment to Mastery by our preaching to them or by our wardrobe or by our having a special name. Instead, they simply feel that we are somehow “different.” They might also notice a glow on our face, a twinkle in our eye, sincerity in our smile, and perhaps by our random acts of love and kindness. They might also recognize it by the unique way we seem to do everything—doing all things well, with gusto, and empowering others to do the same. They can see and feel our mastery because we are living it!

Being (or becoming) a Living Master (which is an ongoing process of development), means that we follow three basic guidelines or commitments for living: 1) God is our first priority—meaning that we make our relationship to Spirit a priority above all other relationships and that we practice some form of effective prayer and meditation in order to commune with God. 2) We are committed to increasing God’s Presence in every part of our being—meaning that rather than keeping God as a lofty, intangible concept that we only think about when we are praying or meditating, we choose to feel Spirit’s Presence in every part of our being. 3) As we increase God’s Presence throughout our being, we also bring that Presence forth in every part of our life—meaning that we channel God’s Will and Love into our work, parenting, partnership, lifestyle, and all other areas of our life–without exception. This is LIVING MASTERY!

In ancient times it was taught that the path to Mastery was for only a few select individuals. This limit in numbers was once imposed because of our own lack of faith and self-worth. But the door is open now for everyone to walk forward and claim, practice, and live the life of a Master. In these ancient times, there were schools that would accept only the most committed individuals who would swear their lives to becoming more of God on earth—a master. Some of these schools exist to this day.

I myself have explored nearly every major school of spiritual thought, including orders of Christian mystical teachings. I’ve been invited by some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time to “carry the torch” of their work to the next generation. However, there came a time when Christ revealed to me that the “mystery schools” of the past maintain claims of ancient knowledge but all too often with very little practical application in the present. And to live as a Master certainly might include some study on the part of the student but, more importantly, it involves developing the commitment and skills to apply anything we learn or have learned.

Also, these ancient schools often preach roots in antiquity, guarantee ascension, channel ascended beings, and hold volumes of “secret knowledge” (which some of them actually have). But they often neglect to recognize or teach that through simple exercises in humility and/or surrendering our heart and soul (as well as each day of our life) to God, then we are living as Masters—beyond anything these schools could offer. This means we access information that is older than the schools of antiquity and that if we truly love and respect ourselves, God, and others as fully as possible, we are ascending (it’s not a technique). It also means that if we integrate our Divinity into our thoughts, words, and deeds (as Buddha suggested) then we are doing more “lightwork” than even an ascended master because we are then bringing light into the densest of realms.

Some Masters (especially those in ancient times) only focus their attention or attainment in one particular area of their life (such as Buddha did with meditation or the greatest warriors have manifested in battle). This was perfect for them, as that was their path and what they needed to bring to the world at that time. However, the world’s most integrated Masters (especially those in modern times) are meant to apply their Mastery consciousness on ALL levels. A Master of today develops and maintains a connection to Spirit and nurtures it in their daily life to such an extent that it shows in their mind, body, and soul. The results of this commitment can be quite amazing as it makes one’s life more loving, peaceful, effortless, and efficient. It can even sometimes look like we are surrounded by miracles and supernatural events and experiences—and we are.

Living Mastery allows us to have more command over things that tend to control the average person, including limiting belief systems and even natural laws, such as nutrition or the weather. This is not to say that as a Master, we ignore the laws of food, traffic, discernment, and morality. On the contrary, because of our focus on “Love for All,” we are guided to follow what brings “the most good to the most people.” This is a simple application of having a loving attitude and usually results in being above much of that which we refer to as “natural laws.” Nevertheless, a Master still works in harmony with these laws, which is one of the primary principles of Taoism.

Since Living Mastery (and all true practices of spirituality) is never void of application, we can rest assured that committing to this level of consciousness helps in all facets of our life, including getting clearer Guidance. Our Inner Guide (the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother) that God sends as a comforter will help us decide what works for our highest good and the good of others. Does this mean that others will agree with all of our choices and beliefs? Often not! Here is the test of vigilance to follow our Truth and here is where the “old school” (of doing what we are told) and our new, inner school of Divinity part ways. As stated in the scriptures, “Let others do as they may but as for me, I will serve the living God.”

In short, Living Mastery means to release the desperation, confusion, and frustration that we may have once experienced on a regular basis. Instead of having the same old struggles or demonstrating weakness against the same old patterns, the path of Mastery means learning to be a spiritual being having a sacred human experience, rather than a mere human having an occasional spiritual experience. This means having a whole new view of life and a whole new way of experiencing ourselves and the world in which we live. The past is no longer a memory of regrets but is instead a school from which we have learned. .Gone are the old patterns of victimization, which are now replaced with taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds. Also, Living Mastery keeps us in a state of Guidance and Miracle Mindedness, as we learn to have a healthy, joyful, and passionate relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

Again, the path of Living Mastery is no longer the path for “the few” but is instead meant for all.Mastery (the remembrance of our Divinity) is inevitable but it is a choice we must make and a commitment we must keep.

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May all be well with you!  May there be plenty for you!

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