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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
An Instrument of Divine, Seeking to Serve
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
June 28, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

A short and easy-to-read article of June 28, 2017 by Naomi Cook, founder of “Project Starseed” (www.projectstarseed.com) titled “Starseed Proof and Changing the 3D, on www.in5d.com inspired this article.  You see, there is something that Naomi didn’t mention that I want to bring up for consideration.  But first, here’s her definition of Starseed:  “Take the word Starseed – if we consider it in a literal context we may understand that Starseeds are souls incarnated here on Earth as ambassadors or light workers who have perhaps primarily incarnated in other Star Systems. They are here assigned with tasks to increase Unity Consciousness in order, ultimately, to raise the vibration of both Humans, Earth and the Solar System.”

When gathering various definitions of Starseeds on the Internet after reading that article, I sort of became sidetracked when I came across an article about Starseeds by someone named Paul McCarthy that I want to recommend at http://www.siriusascension.com/what%20is.htm.  Here are some excerpts: “Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth. There are three categories of Star Seeds. . . . The motivations for all Starseeds to come to earth are to help and serve mankind as well as planet Earth. . . . There is a strong desire in Star Seeds to help others and usually there is a plan made prior to birth as to how this may be manifested and expressed when they become a human being. The details of this plan are called the Life Missions and represent potentials for individual Star Seeds and not certain destinies. . . . The Star Masters consider all human beings on earth to be Star Seeds as they point out that the physical human body is also extraterrestrial in terms of its building blocks such as DNA etc. . . .  [Keep the previous sentence in mind as you read paragraphs after these excerpts.] . . . .  The majority of human beings have different reasons for coming to earth when compared to typical Star Seeds. . . . I offer these definitions not to divide people and create hierarchies. I am not implying that anyone is better or worse than anyone else. Star Seeds are very often humble and do not appreciate themselves or their own abilities. I use these definitions to help Star Seeds to understand why their experience of being a human is often different from everyone else. This helps them to come to terms with who they are. . . .  In addition, the term “seed” implies that the Star Seeds are contributing something that will grow and assist others here on earth. Indeed, many Star Seeds carry high spiritual energies and consciousness which are contributing to the ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity as a whole. . . .”

Sharing numerous definitions of Starseed isn’t really necessary, but here’s one, and it is mostly the same as the definition presented in the excerpts above and the full article.  On www.dimension1111.com is found:  “Starseeds are individuals who exist here on the earth plane in a three dimensional human body, but whose soul may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe.”  Well, some of we souls incarnated as human beings have the perspective (and even memories) that we have lived in many different star systems, etc.  So this definition (and the one in the excerpts) might lead one to assume that the planet is mostly inhabited by starseed souls incarnated in human body-mind units.  But wait. Not all souls are of the same origin. 

And this brings me to what I want to bring up.  A human body-mind unit can be souled or unsouled.  And numerous consciousness units and/or/aka lifestreams and/or/aka souls/soul fragments of various types can be hosted by the human body-mind unit (whether souled or unsouled).  Often cosmic beings/starseeds overlay and even merge with human body-mind units when on assignment to assist humanity. This can be for days, months, years, decades, or lifetimes. Something for the reader to consider and, if desired, to research further.

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