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Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Angel-Light Love of Texas
Spiritual & Metaphysical Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator
July 22, 2017 on ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥

I like to think that most people are generous givers and appreciative receivers.  However, many of us can be generous givers but have difficulty receiving gifts from others—even if we really want the gift or are in need.  I confess that majorly describes my own self in the past. I’ve spent many years increasing my self-esteem and learning to receive but, truth be told, there’s still a tiny bit of that reluctance to receive remaining—especially when the giver has financial challenges. I often remind myself of the truth: “When one most needs to receive is one most needs to give.”   Just this week, I told a supporter friend about what happened once when I was recently divorced and in need in the late 1980s.  Had some tears as I got in my car outside my apartment building and prayed aloud, “Please give me someone to help” (because I knew giving materially would make me feel better about being in need my own self).  Instantly, there came a knock on my car window, and four excited little brothers who were staying temporarily in a nearby apartment were standing there. When I put the window down, they began telling me, “Mam, mam, we’re going to school!” And one of them asked, “Do you have any pencils?”  How wonderful!  I responded in the affirmative and got of the car. They followed me to my apartment and I gave them pencils, little scissors, rulers, etc.  You see, I keep supplies and gifts that I buy on sale around (and extra food and supplies).  Don’t have an automobile to buy new items that can often be found at yard/garage sales as I once did, but I can still pick up some school supplies at the neighborhood Walmart.  Not much need for those now that I’m living in an apartment community for senior citizens. So it is usually extra food and household supplies that I keep to give—as I am able, of course.  I tend to be overly generous. Giving to individuals can provide a lot of satisfaction.  However, it feels extra wonderful to buy non-perishable food items on sale in the months preceding the annual United States Postal Service food drive every May and then put the bags out on pickup day. That’s just me.  Someone else may feel differently.

And then there are some people who are primarily takers.  One good example of this is an acquaintance of about 25 years ago.  There’s nothing wrong with gathering and saving discount coupons for restaurant meals, which he did, among other things. (Trying to get a store or restaurant to accept expired coupons habitually, as someone else I knew a few years later would do, means one is a taker.) However, one day I saw the acquaintance at the salad bar in a health food store filling a to-go container.  At that time all those years ago, the store charged a set amount for the large containers of salad and a lesser amount for the small containers.  Anyway, the acquaintance told me that he could fill the container with tomatoes and other fixings--everything but salad greens—and buy the less expensive lettuce separately to make his own salad at home. He was so proud of himself. Eventually, the store became wise to what this man and probably others were doing and began weighing the contents and charging by the ounce.  Takers.

It occurred to me recently that there is a category more extreme than that of takers.  Some people are grabbers. Nothing wrong with standing in line for hours to get into stores when the doors open with terrific sales (such as what happens here in the USA on our Thanksgiving holiday weekend).  However, running to displays and wrestling with others to get the items on sale means the person is probably of grabber consciousness. 

Recently, someone in another state whom we assisted a little with spiritual and metaphysical information and clearing a couple of years ago accused me (via message on Internet) of not liking him/her because I had informed him/her a few times since then that we wouldn’t be available for him/her again—politely but clearly.  This time, I responded, “Mouth hanging open. Just because my guidance is not to assist further doesn't mean I don't like you.  We assist some and don't assist others and assist some others minimally.  Liking and not liking is elementary stuff.  Again, may all be well with you. May there be plenty for you.”  Once again, he/she nagged and asked why we won’t assist him/her further, adding: “So, are you as rude to everyone else as you are to me?”  People, someone who won’t take no for an answer over and over again is a grabber.  And the time of that person would be well spent in establishing and maintaining a clear and strong High Self/Soul connection and presence.

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May all be well with you!  May there be plenty for you!

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